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Treatment of Stress Response Syndromes (EBOOK)

stressby Mardi J. Horowitz

Nearly 20 years after publication of the groundbreaking Treatment of Stress Response Syndromes comes this second, thoroughly revised and altogether timely edition. The current pandemic and worldwide economic crisis are but the latest challenges to global and individual mental health and well-being. In this invaluable text, Dr. Mardi Horowitz, who is largely responsible for modern concepts of PTSD, teaches clinicians to employ a transtheoretical approach, integrating multiple therapeutic modalities to treat patients who have undergone severe stress. The author emphasizes repeated assessments and formulations that form the foundation for individualized treatment plans. Beginning with the principles of psychological responses to stressor events, the book takes the reader through assessment, support skills, techniques for improving patients coping skills, facilitating the incorporation of stressor events into narratives and helping patients find meaning, and, finally, evaluating change and terminating therapy. Engaging case vignettes provide valuable context for the stages of treatment and highlight essential skills. Comprehensive and insightful, Treatment of Stress Response Syndromes will be useful for clinicians who are already familiar with diagnosing and treating patients but who want to advance their techniques for providing psychotherapy to this vulnerable population.


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