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The Ethics of Superintelligent Design: A Christian View of the Theological and Moral Implications of Artificial Superintelligence (EBOOK)

by Paul Golata

Artificial intelligence (AI) permeates Google searches, the personal assistants in our smartphones, and is all over our newsfeeds. Watson's machine learning has already started to revolutionize many important industries including oncology, law, finance, and entertainment. The idea that man is about to increase his immediate surroundings with exponential gains in the level of intelligence over the coming generations is based upon a technological revolution and the potential for artificial superintelligence (ASI). It is within this context that there is a prevailing need for a discussion of its ethical implications. As a Christian ethicist, Paul Golata believes that the need for this conversation to be informed by Christian principles is imperative. ASI is a move toward the proper handling of information. However, how a society interprets and applies this information is actually more pertinent than the raw amount of information it possesses. This important ethical conversation is being led by humanistic thinkers who assume that all of reality is just matter in motion and that mind is nothing more than electrochemical activity in the "wetware" of human brains. The Ethics of Superintelligent Design critically examines and challenges some of the most important trajectories of ASI while upholding the authority and inerrancy of the Bible, the supernatural creation account, a realistic view of the state of humanity, and biblical ethics.

"Dr. Paul Golata has plowed new ground in Christian literature in this engaging work, which sounds a clear warning that the failure to incorporate Christian ethics in the programming of artificial superintelligence could ultimately be disastrous for humanity. All Christian leaders, students, and thinkers should read this book as the signs of the end times grow stronger by the day."
--Jack L. Greenoe, TruthSeekers Ministries, Plano, Texas

"Christians are behind the curve on offering a substantive evaluation of artificial intelligence and superintelligence. However, scientists are pressing forward in these developments apart from any ethical constraints. This is why Paul Golata's work is so important. He offers a clear Christian perspective on artificial intelligence that helps believers understand that unqualified acceptance of this new technology has serious ethical and theological implications. Golata is at the tip of the spear in addressing these concerns from a Christian perspective."
--Evan Lenow, Director of the Land Center for Cultural Engagement, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Paul A. Golata is an engineering technologist and expert communicator of the biblical and Christian worldview. A recognized servant-leader and pastor, Paul is a visible and biblical Christian ethicist and moral philosopher dedicated to serving God's Kingdom. He has served in various manufacturing, marketing, and sales related roles for a wide variety of technology companies. He holds a PhD and MDiv w/BL from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, an MBA from Pepperdine University, and a BSEET from DeVry Institute of Technology.


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