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This Ability: An International Legal Analysis of Disability Discrimination (EBOOK)

by Anne-Marie Mooney Cotter

Disability Law is an increasingly important area in combating disability discrimination. The book "This Ability" allows readers a better understanding of the issue of inequality and aims to increase the likelihood of achieving equality at both the national and international levels for those with disabilities while at the same time educating those without disabilities. The work examines the primary role of legislation and its impact on the court process. It also discusses the two most important trade agreements of our day - namely the North American Free Trade Agreement and the European Union Treaty - in a historical and compelling analysis of discrimination. By providing a detailed examination of the relationship between disability issues and the law, the book will be an important read for those concerned with equality. "This Ability" is the third book in a series of books on discrimination law. Other titles in the series are "Gender Injustice" dealing with gender discrimination, and "Race Matters" dealing with race discrimination. A similar approach and structure is used throughout the series to illustrate comparisons and contradictions in discrimination law.



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