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Dichotomy: School of Architecture Student Journal

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A bronze model of Play Mountain

A City Without a Memory

A closer "arrival" view of the Capitoline Hill: the Temple of Jupiter viewed from the final bridge south of the Theater of Marcellus

A Consideration of Alden Dow's Thoughts About Architecture

a grammar for public spaces: garrison creek ravine & the st. george street revitalization

A Hexahedral View

A lesson in opulence and ornament

A light well

A multistory cone dwelling in the foreground with a small settlement in the background

A representative Gothic Leafed Capital

A Scientific Approach To Experiential Aesthetics: Mindful Media/Form And Heartfelt Message/Function

A section of the Unesco Gardens

A Sense of Balance

A Time for Heroes

A Treatment of Fractures

A view from the east of the Capitoline Hill: the Forum of the Republic, the Theater of Marcellus, the Temple of Isis

a. CBD b. Woodward Corridor c. New Center d. University Park e. Forest Park f. Civic Center West

Above: UNESCO buffer zone, 2007


Academic Exchange Poster, 1989.

Accelerated Creep(ing): A 'buy & forget' mentality for Chinese homes



additions and alterations, 1904-06

Aerial View of Detroit City, January 10, 1947

Aerial view of the Forum of the Republic from the northwest, extending from the Capitoline Hill to the Colosseum

Aerial views of the city of Rome

After Sunset, 1892

Aldo Rossi: interior perspective of Modena Cemetery, Modena, Italy

Alfred J. Fisher House

All Those Ism's

Allan G. McTaggart

Alleyways as they now exist

alter and light

Amos Ih-Tiao Chang

An 'In-Between' Network

An aerial view from the west showing the Capitoline Hill, the Colosseum, the Forum of the Republic of Circus Maximus, the Palatine Hill

an architect's architect(s): liberating possibilities in education

An image of a commerical airplane from Towards a New Architecture, demonstrating LeCorbusier's infatuation with this technology (from Towards a New Architecture)

An ink and watercolor drawing of the Vatican by Szymon W. Woychiechowski

an interview with Billie Tsien

An Interview with Gunnar Birkerts

An Interview with Jesse Reiser and Nanako Umemoto

an interview with Karen Bausman, AIA, FAAR

an interview with Merrill Elam

Analytique, Central Motive for a Garden Wall

Anatomy as Measurement

and hydraulic brakes

And Now We See That We Are Stars: Notes on Paolo Soleri in American Deserta

Anti-Fragile Design

Anticipation + Memory: Gender Space Ideologies

Apartments on Rue Flaubert

Appleton Residence, Newton, Mass., 1875

Architectural Mutism: The House, the Man, and the Metropolis in the Theory and Architecture of Adolf Loos

Architectural Orphans (Reflections on contemporary architecture)

architecture & education

Architecture 'In-between' Existence The Individual 'In-between' Design + Becoming

Architecture Is Architecture Is Architecture ...

Architecture Without Walls: The Cappadocian Experience


Areas of Potential Economic Growth

Ariel view of Rome

Arnold Toynbee (left) and R. Buckminster Fuller (right)

Arrangement Of Shrubbery Whereby The Freer Lot Appears To Be Twice As Large As It Really Is, 1897

Ask the Neighbors


Atomic Particle Tracing.

Atrio Reale, scene design circa 1706

Auschwitz Monument, competition. 1957

Author's own house. Lakeville, MI. 1966

Autumn, 1892

Awareness Through Realistic Painting


Axonometric view indicating the circulation serving a renovated commercial center

Axonometric view of colonade

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