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v. Aufheben?

Vaulted & Tufted

Veranda Column Assembly

Vernacular Architecture

Vernacular Architecture and Gothic


vertical horizons: curtain wall back-grounds ... an essay by eric howeler

Vietnam Veterans' Memorial, competition. 1981

view along column path

view at museum entry

View east along the north side of Ferry Avenue, 1895

View from 'Old Shoin'

View from below - bench as colonnade

View from below-grade casino

View from interior atrium

View from living room into entrance-dining room area

view from parking

View from the Tiber River framed by the Harbor buildings on the river and the Temple of Jupiter as sailors arriving in Rome from Ostia would see it

view from village of prun

View looking from the Northwest over the Campus Martuis toward the Capitoline Hill, the Temple of Jupiter and the Colosseum

View of a section of the Old City of Warsaw that escaped destruction during the second world war

View of a typical commercial street scene in Detroit

View of a typical Detroit expressway

View of East Ferry Avenue from Woodward Avenue, winter of 1892/93, showing Hecker and Freer residences

View of Freer house in 1921/22

View of Freer house, ca. 1945

View of Freer's home, ca. 1894

View of Lafayette Park and the CBD

View of main hall north fireplace to dining room, 1981

View of north wall of 1911 gallery with Pewabic tiled fireplace, ca. 1916

View of northeast corner of the kitchen

View of Rome over the Tiber River

View of Stable and gate, ca. 1892

View of the 1905 gallery with Whistler's painting

View of the new section of Warsaw

View of the southeast corner of the living room

View of the Three Mile Drive Residence from the northwest

view south across second floor hall, 1981

View to second floor lower hall, 1981

view toward museum of stone culture

view toward museum/quarry interface

Views of first floor hall

Villa Muller 1930 Prague, Czech Republic

Villa Savoye, Poissy, France

Visionary Architecture and the Visions of the Eighties


Vitruvius: Drawing of Man, "A prototype of harmony and proportion."

Volterra - Detroit Foundation

Vulgarity Without Precedent? 'Ugliness', Changing Tastes and the Victorian Interior

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