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Dichotomy: School of Architecture Student Journal

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Table 20 of Precis des lecons d'architecture donnes a l'Ecole polytechique, 1802/5

Take an Architect to Lunch

TAP: The Alley Project

Teatro Mundi, 1980

technology renders the city apparent

Tectonic Drift

Temple of Hercules at Cori,. Elevation

Temporal Design

Terraced parks and walkways in "Tivoli Park"

the 1910 exhibition room

The 8 Stretches of John Mueller (or How to Gauge the Success of Your Critique)

The Age of Obsolescence: A Loss of Meaning in the Pursuit of "Newness"

The Alamo Cenotaph, San Antonio, Texas

The American Ethos and Urban Emigration

The American Railroad Depot as Technological Vernacular Architecture

The Approach

The Architecture Profession: Social Responsibiity and Affordable Housing.

The Art Deco Style facade was removed in the 1960s

The Automotive Industries Tribute to House

The bathroom above the garage area has tile with various shades of soft green

The big valley of cones and hillsides that is predominately used as natural fruit and citrus storage

The Birds, the Island, and the Spirit of Detroit

The Blur Building,Diller + Scofidio

The Bowery, New York Daily, 2013

The chicken and the cow and their own carved spaces.

The Circle Meets The Square

The Circle Meets The Street

The circle reaches the outside

The Citizens Redevelopment Corporation Plan, 1955

The City As Sequence

the components were arranged in order on their respective sides (3)

The Creator

The Critical Spirit in Beaux-Arts Technique

The Curse That Won't Go Away

The decorations are from the Iconoclastic period

the den

The Detroit Opera House, 1914

The Detroit Plan, 1947: The city began its own redevelopment program without help from the federal government

The Detroit River Belle Isle Extension Detroit-Windsor Linking Structure Expo 2000-2001, Celebrating the Detroit Tricentennial

The Digital Ruins of Geocities

The Elephant Man and the Ethics of Abnormality

The Elephant Man Under Intensive Care: Aesthetics, Technology, & Architecture

The Exclusion of Sculpture and Painting from Buildings

The explicit objective of the work HABITAT BZ 2001

The Fabric of Over-the-Rhine in 1930

The Fan Legged Stool, the culmination of Aalto's studies in bent laminated wood

The Fleeting Thoughts of Wildness

the form is activated along the invisible geopolitical borderline (4)

The Futures We've Left Behind

The Genesis of the Stone Doric Temple

The Glower of the Wolfe

The Good Shepherd, mosaic

The Grasshopper

The Grim Reaper

the histoblast

The Images of Rome

The interior courtyard

the interstitial condition as consequence and determinant of urban form and identity

The Kaufmann House (Falling Water) in Bear run, Pennsylvania designed by Frank Lloyd Wright contains all seven of Zevi's Principles

The lack of resolution or the disjunction between actual landscape and its representation as digital information is materialized.

The Last Judgment, exterior tympanum

The Leaves of Architecture

the library

The Lion Gate Mycenae 13c - 14c BC

The Louisiana Purchase Exposition, St. Louis, 1904

the main hall

The main tympanum at Autun

The Mary Chase Perry and William B. Stratton Residence

the natural and the artificial: comments on the perception of the physical enviornoment

The New Architecture - A Dialogue in the Mind

The new Merrill-Palmer School, 1921

The only remaining church where the cone was carved on the outside to give an impression of a built building.

The Pan-American Exposition, Buffalo, 1901

the parkstadt workshop: integrating design and construction in architectural education

The Philosophy of Louis Sullivan

The Piano, 1891

The Piazza Again!

The picks and scrapers are the only tools necessary t make spaces and their marks are forever on the surface

the play of architecture (re)production

The Politics of Ugliness: Dystopic, Banal, Kitsch

the presence of the hand ... an interview with dan rockhill

The profile of the Detroit River was meticulously traced over the map from 1796(1)

The Reactive City

The residence fora pianist. Mt. Olympus, CA. 1964. International competition.

The Rumspringa of Charles Follen McKim

The school and environs

The Scout, Buffalo Bill, Wyoming

The Sea: Morning, 1892

The Sea: Night, 1892

the second floor hall

The Self and The Other

The Sketches of Robert Swain Peabody

the space in between sight & touch

The Spiral Jetty

The State Theater

The street is drawn into the heart

The Suburbanization of Detroit

The symbolic reminiscence of an old wood church in the Polish Tatra Highlands.

The Tech Center

The Temporary Phenomenon

The Thinking Heart

The two views document what would hope to be Detroit's continuing commitment to create, minutes from the Central Business District, an ideal residential community with a full compliment of educational, recreational, and commercial facilities, while rediscovering the amenity of the riverfront as a basic feature of any river city

The Virgin, 1893

The World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago, 1893

Third floor plan - 1910

Third floor plan, 1910

Third Phase 1979: Organic Urban Structure and multipurpose Bridge

This Land is Not Your Land

this much apart

This vernacular roof inspired my church design.

thomas w. dewing's decoration suggestions

Three views of Freer's residence, circa 1892

Tiger Stadium

Tiger Stadium, Detroit Michigan Proposal


Timeline of queer identities illustrating the historically strong multidimensionality of the community, as well as the current proliferation of identities

Toward Wholeness

towerhouse 11

towerhouse 12

Town side, Michigan Central Essex, Ontario depot

Town side, Michigan Central Grass Lake, Michigan, depot of 1887

Traceried view to winter-garden beyond

Track side, Michigan Central Essex, Ontario depot

Track side, Michigan Central Grass Lake, Michigan, depot of 1887

Traditional Model of Queer Gentrification

Trajan's Market

transformation scripts, Harvard, 1990

Transition zone to garden, with cubistic geometry of rear stair at right.

Translucent Layer Model

Transmutations | Video is More

Transpantaniera + local economies

Transparent Layer Model

Truly comfortable dining table of the refectory

Tryon's 1891 sketch of spaces for paintings in main hall

Tryon's 1891 sketch of spaces for paintings on west wall of main hall

Two Doors

Typical curtain wall detail

Typical styles found in Palmer Woods

Typical Wall Section @ Footing Detail

Typical Wall System

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