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Dichotomy: School of Architecture Student Journal

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C. L. Freer, Our Gentleman Duke of the Grand Trunk Junctions

Can Art Become A Standardized Process And Still Be Considered Art?


Cardinal August Hlond funeral and ruined St. Alexander Church. Warsaw. 1948.

Carved and built together as one.

Cathedral of Milan

Ce n'est pas la Colle

Ceiling in detail in S. Maria del Priorato


Central Library of the University of Mexico

Central Railway Station Warsaw. 1947

Chair for Turku Exhibition

Chalk Talks

Change And Continuity

chapel elevation/wall (Santa Maria della Pace?)

charles lang freer

Charles Lang Freer

Charles Lang Freer, circa 1894

Charles-Francois Viel and the Instrumentalizing of Architectural Theory

Chase Manhattan Bank Plaza Garden

Cherryvale, Kansas' Union depot

Chicago and Alton Dwight, Illinois, depot of 1890

Chicago and Alton Greenville, Illinois, depot of 1885

Chicago's waterfront

Chinatown Cultural Investigation


Christ Carrying the Cross

Church, the Hague

Church, the Hague, facade detail

Church, the Hague: "sacred street"

Church, the Hague: alter and light

Church, the Hague: overall view

Church, the Hague: plan

Church, the Hague: sections

Church, the Hague: skylight detail

Cincinnati's Over-the-Rhine Historic District

Circular movement inside the square


City Hall, 1872

City in the Mist

Civic Engagement: Multiple Scales of Public Exchange

Civil Rights Memorial, 1989

Cleveland's Playhouse Square

Clodion: Model for a proposed monument to commemorate the invention of the balloon in France, 1783

CNC model

Cocoon House under construction, Paul Rudolph (from Paul Rudolph: The Florida Houses)


Cohousing exterior elevation

Col. Frank J. Hecker (center) and Charles L. Freer (right) in Hecker's launch, July 1911

Colonade elevation

Columns shifted to define centers of 9 square grid

Coming Soon

Comparative plans of major Baroque central plan churches

complete metamorphosis

Computer model of Korean Presbyterian Church

Computer model of Water Pavilion contrasted with actual installation


Conference room, Gary Group, 1988-90

Confetti Tower

Connection Between Individual Programs Means of gathering or blocking City sounds

Considered Axises


Constructing a 'new' narrative of old age

Contemporary Movements: Examining the Use of Materials in Architecture and the Visual Arts


Cord Factors

Corinthian Capital

Corktown Coffer Credit Union

Cortile, scene design for Scene V of Constantino Bio, 1710

Courtyard, Getty Museum, Malibu, California

creation of new surface

Creative Destruction: The Dialectic Between Memory And Potential in Urban Landscapes

cross-pollination of the surfaces

Cross-section of Newton's Cenotaph, interior day effect

Cross-section of Newton's Cenotaph, interior night effect

Crowley's Department Store as it appeared in 1978

Crowley's Department Store Building (circa 1930)

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