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Dichotomy: School of Architecture Student Journal

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Radical Design

Radical Exchange

Rapid Prototyping Machine

Rapid tracing of poche, Grand Prix

Rauen, Jeannette

Re-Cognizing the Architectural Body in the Early Italian Renaissance

Re-Forming Models of Collaboration Between Academia and Manufacturing

re-inscription of physical artifact on to digital model in the form of a field of particles. 30" spacing. (adj.) 1. (of a substance or object) Able to recoil or spring back into shape after bending, stretching, or being compressed. 2. (of a personal or animal) Able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions

reading aalto: the music and arts center for jyvaskyla

Realism Vs. Utopianism "Leave Me Out"


Rear elevation (east) prior to the second floor addition

Rear elevation after the addition

Reconsidering Authenticity: Computational Approach for Preservation of Siheyuan in Beijing

Reconstruction of the City

Reflection of custom pedestal lavatory completes its circular form.

Reflections on Naturalism in Architectural Expression

Renaissance Architectural View, 1470

Renaissance Center by John Portman and Associates and the Silos which once occupied the site

Rendering by Herreros Arquitectos of view from the proposed Munch Museum (2009)

Rendering: Chene and St. Aubin Park

Renderings and plans of three Eyre residence: House for W. Moylan Lansdale, Manchester, PA, 1886

Renderings for future interiors

Renovation of the Volterra Architecture Facility

Residence of Mr. C. L. Freer, 1894

Resident Pedestrian

Resilient Design

Responding to All the Imperatives of Our Time

Retooling Industry to Spur Demand

Revitalization Processes of Urban Historic Districts: Comparing Two Revitalization Approaches

Revitalization Processes of Urban Historic Districts: Comparing Two Revitalization Approaches Ozaki, Ana Gisele


Robocop Meets The Green Hornet Crime, Mythology, and Architecture in Detroit

Robust Model 1: Iconography

Robust Model 2: Economy

Robust Model 3: Morphology

Rome, City of Seven Hills, the Tiber River: a topographic study of the natural and man-made architectural forms

Roof Plan

Rosemont plan, 1890

Rough Sketch for Grant Residence, Nahant, Mass.


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