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Dichotomy: School of Architecture Student Journal

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Da Vinci

Damnatio Memoriae

Dan Hoffman

Dawn, 1893



Democratic Axes

Demoiselles d'Avignon, 1907

Demolition of Watson M. Freer house, April 1958

Denel, M. Bilgi

Deposition or the Bricklayer


Design + Leading From the Side

Design Against Mental Atrophy

Design for the altar in S. Maria del Priorato

design is constructive deconstruction as passion interrogation craft is alive and reborn in enigma

Design+Civic Engagement

Despotic Axes

detail - interior street

Detail of curtain wall

Detail of custom tile work, reiterating curve of fireplace hood.

Detail of demi-lune window of entrance area

Detail of functional graded material, transitions from ceramic to metal (Clemson University)

Detail of rough sketches, Guild Residence

Detail of southern elevation showing the balcony off from the "work room"

Detail of the western pediment of the Parthenon by the sculptor Phidias

Detail views of ceiling treatments

Detail, Main Portal, Chartres Cathedral

Detail, Orvieto Cathedral

Detroit -- Janus-Faced City

Detroit 2000 03a

Detroit 2000 03b

Detroit Detritus,

Detroit fabric of 1776

Detroit fabric of 1826

Detroit fabric of 1876

Detroit fabric of 1926

Detroit fabric of 1976

Detroit Interrupted

Detroit Opera House, 1888

Detroit River, 1796

Detroit Urban Landscape, July 24, 1931

development of the design

dewing and the parlor decoration

di Giorgio

Diagram defining queer


Dichotomy 20 Commemorating 50 Years of the UDM SOA

dichotomy eleven: educating the future architect

Die Kneipe

Digital Intimacy

Dining room

Dining room fireplace

Dining room with furniture purchased in Spain in 1924

Dining room, cabinet, 1996

Dining room, south wall, 1996

Distant City

Distant City Section

Doorbell, 1981

Doric Order Initiated Logical Evolution

Downtown, Detroit

Dragon light above carriage entrance

Drawing showing location of Tryon's paintings

Drawings as Substitute Places

driven by doubt ... an interview with julie eizenberg

Drosophila Histoblast Diagram

dwight w. tryon and the hall decoration

Dymaxion Deployment Unit by Buckminster Fuller (from The Dymaxion World of Buckminster Fuller)

dynamic interaction of particles with surface

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