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Dichotomy: School of Architecture Student Journal

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Mackie House

Main hall alcove, 1981

Main hall fireplace, southeast corner, 1981

Main house

Making Stuff

Manhattan Bridge Loop, 1928

Mansart: Dome Des Invalides, 18th century

Marche technique

Mary Chase Stratton standing by fountain and pool in northeast corner of the property

Master suite sitting area, with sculpted fireplace hood and precast terrazzo hearth.

Materializing aging as a 'space of controversy'

Mathews Residence

Mathewson, Casey

Mausoleum of Augustus

McGrath Highway Bridge, Somerville, 1978

Meandering Mediocrity: The Present State of the Future

Measurements: density, spaces and heights

Mediaeval Checiny Castle, Poland.

Medieval Bozen-Gries

Meditations on Programmed Deterioration

Melencolia I, 1514


Merrill-Palmer children napping in the 1905 Picture Gallery, circa 1922

Merrill-Palmer garden, 1979

merrill-palmer school of homemaking of detroit

Merrill-Palmer School, May 29, 1931

Metabolic Tectonic: Terraforming Waste Into Our Perpetual City Organism

metaphor at least, algorithm at best

Methodist Church, Provincetown, 1930


Metroplex (The Expenditure of Dreams)

Michael Graves: South elevation detail, bridge

Michelangelo Explores The Circle

Michigan Central Albion, Michigan depot

Micromegas #3: Leakage, (wood model, fragment)

Mindota, Illinois depot

Miss Perry's clay models for the house



Model of a house designed by van Doesburg and van Eestern in 1923

Model of AT&T Corporate Headquarters Building, New York, New York

Model view 01

Model view 02

Moderna Museet, Stockholm, 1968

Mold for Mosquito fuselage


More Excuses for Bad Architecture

Mosaic, S. Apollinare in Classe ca. AD. 547

Mosquito airplane from WWII

Mother's House, Amsterdam

Mother's House, Amsterdam: facade detail

Mother's House, Amsterdam: stair detail

Mother's House, axonometric of main stair

Mother's House: "transparency"

Mother's House: 2nd floor plan

Mother's House: detail of entry

Mother's House: elevation

Mother's House: facade on Plantage Middelaan

Mother's House: ground floor plan

Mrs. S. E. Guild Residence, Nahant, Mass., 1881

Multiple cross sections taken through the project, perpendicular to the landing strip

Mural from the Plaza del Te, 1532-34

Museo Civico, Turin, Raccolta juv.

museum entry hall

Museum of Haroes, competition. Warsaw 1958.

museum section

Musically Experiential Space

Mutant Geographies Speculations on the Urban Transformations of Detroit

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