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Dichotomy: School of Architecture Student Journal

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I Don't Want You To See Me Vomit

i. Double Agents

Ice-Vine Garden

Icicle Circle and Fire, 1973

ii. The "G" Word

iii. Mission Dolores


Ile de la Cite old part of Paris is the pride of France.

Illustration from Robocop II - Marvel Comics/CLC Copyright 1990



Images at UDM exhibition

Images of American feed mills used by Le Corbusier to demonstrate "pure" masses (from Towards a New Architecture)

images: action shots from KVA

Imperial Villa

Implementation project of new units on slabs of terraces.

imposition of indigenous gardens on the new surface

In 2010, design efforts and reconstruction were initiated to painstakingly restore the original facade in every detail.

In the Realm of Aesthetics: The Ugly as Atmosphere

In this cone house the vaulting is only decoration and totally redundant structurally but it shows the accepted symbolism of forms. The bed is also carved.

Industrial Airport Investigation

Industrial product and snobistic mass imitation of old historic furniture

Inhabited, in-use cone houses

Innovative, Fresh, or Ugly?


Interior of a temple

Interior of Korean Presbyterian Church

interior street

Interior view of Getty Museum

Interior view of the entry to House VI

Interior Weather installation at CCA, Montreal, 2006

internet university: from hyperlink to versatility for the architect of tomorrow

Interplay of light and shade on traceried rear stair, showing projecting landings, wall perforations, turns, slots for adventitious peek views, and changing glimpses of graphics gallery.


Intimate library with fluid circulation, implemented by minimal furnishings.



Invasion of the Foot Carrier

Inventory of Architecture Heritage by period (CUB, 2006)

Invitational, layer-on-layer vista from head of stairs to master suite.

Ionic Corinthian 100 BC

Isamu Noguchi's Gardens and Fountains

Isis, Oedipus Aegyptiacus, Rome, 1652

Islamic Center or Mosque

It's All Junk

IV Cent. B.C. Polycleitos

iv. Mind the Gap

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