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Dichotomy: School of Architecture Student Journal

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Palace of the Soviets

Palazzo Massimo alle Colonne

Palazzo Pitti, Florence

Palazzo Vecchio -- view from via dei Ceri

Palma Nuova, 1598

Panama-Pacific International Exposition, San Francisco, 1915:

Pantanal Partnership: Building Education in the World

Parallel Play

Parlor fireplace

Parlor, 1996

Pavilion of Poland at Expo 58. Brussels. Belgium 1957.

Peaceful Co-Existence: One Architect's Accommodation of Dichotomy

Peacock Room

Peacock Room at 49 Prince's Gate, London with shutters in closed position, 1904

Peacock Room at 49 Prince's Gate, London, 1892

Peacock Room in Detroit East end

Peacock Room in Detroit, center of north wall, 1908

Peacock Room in Detroit, east end of north wall, 1908

Peacock Room in Detroit, east wall, 1908

Peacock Room in Detroit, west end of north wall, 1908

Peacock Room in Detroit, west wall, 1908

Peacock Room West End

Pedestrian walkway system over East Jefferson Avenue

Penn Plan

Penn Plan 1683-1963

Pennisular Car Company's Works, 1885


Pere Marquette and the Grand Trunk Pigeon, Michigan depot

Pere Marquette Hemlock, Michigan depot

Pere Marquette Mayville, Michigan, depot of 1880

Perforations in wall, as seen through doorway, accomodate art objects.

Performance Theater 1999, view from parking surface 08

Performance Theater 1999, view from Warner Boulevard 06

Performer and Place: A Social Exchange

Performing an 'ecology of aging'

Performing an ecology of aging

Perimeter of InCite's interventions (Convention Publique d'Amenagement)

Permanence And Change

permanent exhibit hall

Perspective of Wright's scheme

Pewabic basin of guest bath showing water flowing softly from an open receptacle

Pewabic fireplace tile detail, 1996

Photo-montage of Detroit Renaissance Center

Photograph of Charles Lang Freer by E. Steichen, 1916

Piazza San Marco

Piazza Signoria. Florence, Italy -- ca 1980 (explanatory sketch for students in composition class, on a paper napkin).

Picture Gallery above old stable, 1906

Pierrs Lorillard Residence: Breakers, Newport, R. I., 1877-1878

Piranesi, Tafuri And Rossi: The Legacy of Their Unappeased Relationship with History

Piranesi: S. Maria del Priorato, Facade

Pittsburgh Plate Glass Industries Headquarters, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Plain Anomalies


Plan drawings

Plan of Philadelphia

Plan of the Woodward Corridor

Plan of Versailles

Plan of Wright's scheme

plan study from Harbeson

Plan view of Old Man River

Plans for 1905 addition and alterations

Plate 11

Plate 110

Plate 21 of Precis des lecons d'architecture donnes a l'Ecole polytechique, 1802/5

Plate 22

Plate 26

Plate 27

Plate 38

Plate 41, Sketch plan of 1706 for a hospital church

Plate 46, Cappricio, for the church of the Superga

Plate 47

Plate 57

Plate 65, Section perspective for third central project, Duomo Nuovo, Turin

Plate 78

Plate 79

Plate 80

Plate 81

Plate 82

Plate City

Plate from Owen Jones's "The Grammar of Ornament", 1856

Plausible Fictions



Pop hotdog stand in Los Angeles, California

Port Grimaud: a resort village in France which was created to supply the demands of the increasing tourist trade.

Portrait of Charles L. Freer by Edward Steichen, 1916

Portrait of Orleans, 1950

Post PoliStasis A Critical Examination of Urban Space in Post Democracy

Post-Industrial Political Economy Travelogue

Poster for the Polish Exhibition. Wilno, 1957.



Priene IV BC

Probably habitation started with the hillsides, then moved into the valley as the hillside eroded and collapsed making way for new cones and hillsides

Project for the Football Hall of Fame Competition (1967-1968)

Proposed Office Tower, Comerica Center Copyright Detroit News 1990

Proposed office tower, Toronto World Trade Center by Zeidler Roberts Partnership/Architects to be completed by 1993

Proposed Tech Center building

Propsed route for the Detroit River

public policy in architectural education: an uneasy fit

Public Toilets in the City of London: The Unseen Public Space: A Dark Side Beneath the Everyday Street

Public Works Forums

Purely Noise/Absence of Music

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