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Dichotomy: School of Architecture Student Journal

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S. Andrea al Quirinale

S. Carlino

S. Christoforis

S. I. T. E., Entry for Frankfurt Museum Of Modern Art Competition, 1983

S. Lorenzo

S. Maria del Fiore

S. Maria del Grazie

S. Maria del Priorato, interior

S. Maria della Salute

Saarinen's GM Tech Center: A Classic in our Backyard

safety steel body

Saint Peter's, Rome

Sala Regia, scene design circa 1706

Salem Witch Trials Tercentenary Memorial, 1993

San Cristobal Stable, 1967-68

San Gimiano -- Symbol of strength a medieval town with defensive towers.

San Marco Square in Venice

Sandy Makes Landfall Over Cuba, NOAA/NASA

Sant' Andrea della Valle

Sant'Andrea in Mantua

Santa Maria del Fiore. Florence. 1984. (Sketch Book)

Scrutinium Chymicum, Frankfurt, 1687

seasonal fluctuations in garden and circulation patterns

Second floor hall, showing the two levels

Second floor plan

Second floor plan - 1910

Second floor plan before the rear addition

Second floor plan, 1890

Second floor plan, 1910

Second Phase 1978: Urban surgery and multipupose Renaissance Bridge for pedestrians and rapid transit

Section and plan of Mausoleum of Augustus

Section cut

Section taken at caretaker's dwelling and fuel slab, with observation tower in background

Section taken at entrance foyer and landing strip. Fuel slab and caretaker's dwelling are at left.

Section taken at pool, entrance foyer and showers, with the landing strip in the background

Section taken at showers, entrance foyer, fuel slab and garage and caretaker's building

Section taken at swimming pool, pool deck, and landing strip

Section-elevation, Modena Cemetery


Sediment And Composure

Seed Money, front view of ten-dollar treasury note 04

seedling tower 08

seedlingmotor 06

Selling the American Architect

Separating Architects From Architecture

Shared Architecture

Shifting Values of the Industrial Age

shopping center, warszawa, poland



sins of omission (a play in two acts)

Site Plan: Chene and St. Aubin Park

SITE. Four Continents Bridge, 1990

Situational Schooling

Sketch by Dwight W. Tryon of possible treatments for opening to rear hall, 1891

Sketch of main hall and south fireplace by Dwight W. Tryon, 1891

Skidmore, Owings and Merrill: Lever Brothers Building, New York City

Skillman Building under construction, 1959-1960

skylight detail

Slouching Towards [...] A Cautionary Note


Soft City

Solana, 1986-89

Some Conclusive Remarks

Some of the best existing examples of Byzantine frescoes still exist in Cappadocian churches

Soufflot: Le Pantheon, 1791

South wall of 1911 gallery

southeast alcove corbel carving

Southeast Corner, 1892

southeast rear hall carving

southeast roundel carving on main hall fireplace

southwest alcove corbel carving

Southwest facade, 1892

southwest rear hall carving

southwest roundel carving on main hall fireplace, bottom

Space Oddities

Space/Time construction No. 3 (1923)

Speculative Reconstructions of History


Spiral Jetty, 1970

Splice Garden

Spomenik in Flux


Springtime, 1892

Springtime, 1897


SS. Luca e Martina

St. Aubin Park Detroit, Michigan

St. Martin's Roman Catholic Church, Pittsburgh, PA. 1972 -- Stations of the Cross, stained glass.

St. Martin's Roman Catholic Church, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in which the most important symbol -- the cross -- carries the roof extension and bells.

Stable and alley gate, 1892

Stable basement plan - 1910

Stable gate from alley, ca. 1897/98

Stable gate, looking south from alley into garden, circa 1897

Stack chairs for the Jyvaskyla Civil Guard House

Stainless steel water tower

Stains of Beauty

stair detail

Stair landing for level over garage which has two bedrooms and a bath

Staircase and oriel window of guest bedroom

Staniszkis 1975

State Office Building, Chicago, Illinois

Statuary from the Forum Mussolini, Rome, Italy

Steps leading to the entrance of a cone church

Stop Motion

strange attractors and specific gravities: the office as an engine of panurbanism

Structural frame for Cincinnati Day School

Structural grid

Structural piers define spatial volume

Structure Concept - the Inner City Detroit 1990/An Urban Design Concept for the Inner City

Student installations, 1994

Students and Dean Will Wittig at the 50th Anniversary kick-off event, 2013

Study for a Courtyard: Approach to a Stepped Pool, 1983

subversive constructions

Subversive Tehran

Sukiennice Mall within the old market square.

Sullivan's capital for the Guaranty Building, Buffalo, N. Y.

Summer, 1892

Suspended staircase

Suspension bridge scale -- Industrial Achievement


Symbol of a majesty -- The white gate to the Ming Dynasty Tombs.

Symbol of Christianity Bulwark Vauban System

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