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Captions Not Appearing in Stream?

The transcript file / captions take a little while to generate on a Stream video. How long depends on a number of factors -- the length of the video, the complexity of the language, the number of videos lined up to get captioned at the moment. That said, if you've waited for what you think is a reasonable amount of time and still aren't seeing captions, it's possible that one of the default settings got unset.

If your captions aren't appearing, locate the video in your videos list. Go to Stream, choose My Content, and select Videos

image of my content with videos highlighted

Click the pencil icon (Update video details) for the video in question

image of update video details icon highlighted

In the Details panel, make sure English is selected for the video language.

Image of english selected

Also make sure the "Autogenerate caption file" box is checked in the Options panel

options, captions

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