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The Library, Teaching, and Learning Center Thanksgiving List

This week some of the Library, Teaching, and Learning staff took some time out to pause and consider what we are thankful for:

George Libbey, Associate Dean for Public Services: I am grateful for colleagues who genuinely care about the Detroit Mercy community.

Susan Trudeau, Director, Student Success Center: I am grateful to work with the kind, compassionate, dedicated professionals and student staff in the SSC. They change lives every day, including mine.

Felicia Hartinger, Associate Director, Student Success Center: I am thankful for Bentley, our SSC pet therapy dog! And thank you to Sr. Sarah for training him and bringing him to work with her everyday. He brings so much joy and comfort not to only our students, but to all of us who work here everyday as well.

Sr. Sarah Ruth Foster, Professional Mentor:
gratitude haiku

eyes greet passersby 

with hearts full of...

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