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Fr. Edward J. Dowling, S.J. Marine Historical Collection

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S. B. Grummond

S. C. McLouth

S. H. Boyce

S. Neff

S. Parella

S. S. Leafield Co. Ltd.

S. S. Staley

S. Scott

S. T. Norrell

S.S. Rowe, Inc.

S.T. Lawson

S.T. Leighton

Sabadash & Sabadash

Saginaw Bay Transportation Co.

Saginaw River Ship Building Co.

Sand Products Co.

Sarnia Coal Co.

Sarnia Steamships, Ltd.

Sarnia Towing & Transit Co.

Saugatuck Marine Museum

Schneider Steam Ship Co.

Schneider Transportation Co.

Scott Misener Steamships, Ltd.

Sea-Coast Lines

Seaboard & Gulf Steamship Co.

Seaboard Transportation Co.

Seamen's International Union

Seaway Towing Inc.

Service Gravel Co.


Shell Canadian Tankers

Shell Oil Co., Ltd.

Ships, Inc. (Cities Service Oil)

Sigma Lake Ship Co.

Simon Burke

Sin-Mac Lines

Skidmore & Co.

Slauson & Co.

Sloan & Cowles

Sloan, Cowles & Sloan

Smith-Truby Sand Co.

Snows Transit Co.

Soc. Maritime Nationale

Soc. Sofati

Societe d'Armement Fluvial et Maritime

Socony Mobil Oil Co.

Socony-Vacuum Oil Co.


Soo Pulp & Power Co.

Soo River Line

Southern Transportation Co.

Spence Bros.

Spokane Steamship Co.

St. Clair Steamship Co.

St. Joseph-Chicago Steamship Company

St. Lawrence and Chicago Steam Navigation Co.

St. Lawrence Coal Co.

St. Lawrence Steamships, Ltd.

St. Lawrence Tankers

St. Philip Coastal Towing Co.

Standard Oil Co.

Standard Oil Company of Trinidad

Standard Transit Co.

Standard Transportation Co.

Standard-Vacuum Transportation Co.

Starke Land & Lumber Co.

State of Michigan

Steel Company of Canada, Ltd.

Steel Factors, Ltd.

Steel Products Steamship Co.

Steinhoff & McKerral

Stender Marine, Inc.

Stephenson Trustees

Stony Lake Navigation Co.



Sun Oil Co.

Sunnyside Amusement Park

Superior Aggregates, Ltd.

Superior Transit Co.

Svenson & Jesperson


Swiftsure Towoing Co. Ltd.

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