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Fr. Edward J. Dowling, S.J. Marine Historical Collection

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M. A. Hanna Co.

M. Bauman

M. Lockhart

M. Martinek

M. McMillan

M. Ritter

M. Scuderi

M. T. Greene

M.A. Bradley

M.A. Hanna Co.

M.B. McMillan

M.C. Howell

M.J. Galvin

M.W. McWall

Magna Ferry & Transit Co.

Magnolia Petroleum Co.

Mahoning Steamship Co.


Manhattan State Hospital

Manhattan Transportation Co.

Manistee Iron Works

Margaree Steamship Co.

Maria Chrysler

Marine Fueling, Inc.

Marine Industries, Ltd.

Marine Operating Co.

Marine Salvage Co., Ltd.

Marine Transit Co.

Marinette Transportation Co.

Martin & Shaw

Masaba Steamship Co.

Mason Lumber Co.

Massey Steam Ship Co.

Mathews Steamship Co., Ltd.

Mathiasen Shipping Co.

Matson Nav. Co.

Maytham Tug Line

Maytham Wrecking & Towing Company

McAllister Brothers

McAllister Towing, Ltd.

McColl-Frontenac Ltd.

McCollough & Spencer

McDougall-Duluth Co.

McGraw & Co.

McKeil Boat Works

McKeil, Hamilton Workboats, Ltd.

McLean & Son



McNamara & Porter

McNamara Construction Co., Ltd.

McNaughton & Co.

McQueen Marine, Ltd.

Merchants Montreal Line

Merchants-Mutual Line

Merida Steamship Co.

Meroe Transportation Co.

Merritt-Chapman & Scott Corp.

Metropolitan Works Commission

Michael Galvin

Michigan Central Railway

Michigan Dredging Co.

Michigan Limestone Co.

Michigan State Highway Commission

Michigan Transit Co.

Mid-Canada Transportation Co., Ltd.

Midland Steamship Line

Mills Construction Co.

Milwaukee Boat Co.

Milwaukee Tug Boat Line

Milwaukee-Western Coal Co.

Mineral Oils Corporation

Minister of Railways and Canals

Ministry of War Transport

Minneapolis, St. Paul & Sault Sainte Marie Railway

Minnesota Loan & Trust Co.

Minnesota Steamship Co.

Minnesota-Atlantic Transit Co.

Mitchell & Co.

Mohawk Navigation Co., Ltd.

Montreal & Lake Superior Steamship Co.

Montreal Trans. Co.



Mrs. Anna T. Dodge

Mrs. Stella Ford Schlotman

Mt. Hope Steamship Co.

Mullen Coal Co.

Mutual Steamship Co., Ltd.

Mutual Trans. Co.

Mystic Steamship Co.

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