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Fr. Edward J. Dowling, S.J. Marine Historical Collection

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G. & A. Thomas

G. & F. Corp.

G. A. Tomlinson

G. Engelkins

G. G. Hadley

G. Hannah

G. Hubbard

G. King

G. Nestor

G. P. Gubbins

G. Plunkett

G. Sweet

G. Tebo (Milwaukee & Escanaba Transportation Company)

G. Wilkerson

G.A. Tomlinson

G.B. Taylor

G.C. Blodgett


G.T Linton

Gaelic Tugboat Co.

Gaetano d'Alesio

Galena Navigation Co.

Gamma Lake Ship Co.

Garland Steamship Co.

Garlick Navigation Co.

Gartland Steamship Co.

Gayport Shipping, Ltd.

General Motors Sales Corporation

General Transit Co.

Geo. Parker

Geo. Plunkett

George Hall Coal & Shipping Co., Ltd.

George Hall Coal Co.

George Hall Coal Company of Canada, Ltd.


Gilchrist Lumber Co.

Gilchrist Transportation Co.


Glen Line

Globe Iron Works

Goderich Elevator & Transit Co.

Goodrich Transit Co.

Goodtime Transit, Inc.

Gorton-Pew Fisheries

Grace Line

Graham & Morton Transportation Co.

Graham Bros.

Grand Island Navigation Co.

Grand River Navigation Co.

Grand Trunk Railway

Grand Trunk Western Railroad

Grand Trunk-Milwaukee Car Ferry Co.

Grant Horne

Great Gulf Towing Company

Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Transportation Co.

Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Co.

Great Lakes Engineering Works

Great Lakes Historical Society

Great Lakes International, Inc.

Great Lakes Lumber & Shipping Co. Ltd.

Great Lakes Paper Co.

Great Lakes Steamship Co.

Great Lakes Towing Co.

Great Lakes Transit Corp.

Great Lakes Transportation Co.

Great Northern Transit Co.

Greater Gulf Towing Co.

Greek Tanker Shipping Co.

Green Bay Transportation Co.

Greenspoon Brothers

Gulf & Lake Navigation Co.

Gulf Canada, Ltd.

Gulf Elevator & Transfer Co.

Gulf Export & Trading Co.

Gulf Ports Steamship Co.

Gulf Towing & Salvage, Ltd.

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