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Title: University of Detroit vs. Bethany Program

Date published: 1919-10-18

School Names: University of Detroit; Bethany

Names: Barret, John P.; Barret, John P.; Bowler, Francis; Bowler, Francis; Brennan, Joseph; Brennan, Joseph; Brennan, Joseph; Brennan, Thomas; Brennan, Thomas; Brennan, Warren; Brennan, Warren; Brennan, Warren; Brown, Chas. H.; Brown, Chas. H.; Brown, James M.; Brown, James M.; Brown, James M.; Bruce, Charles; Bruce, Charles; Clago, Walter M.; Clago, Walter M.; Coller; Coller; Crowley, Harry H.; Crowley, Harry H.; Crowley, Harry H.; Curtain, John; Curtain, John; Dobie, Gilmore; Dobie, Gilmore; Duffy, James; Duffy, James; Duffy, James; Duffy, James; Dunn; Dunn; Ellis, Walter; Ellis, Walter; Ellis, Walter; Fitzgerald, Capt. F.; Fitzgerald, Capt. F.; Gaspard, Henry N.; Gaspard, Henry N.; Gormley, Martin; Gormley, Martin; Gough, Bernard; Gough, Bernard; Gross, Felix; Gross, Felix; Gwinn; Gwinn; Hampston, Peter; Hampston, Peter; Hampston, Peter; Hippler, Roy H.; Hippler, Roy H.; Hippler, Roy H.; Hobbs, E.; Hobbs, E.; Hogan, Thomas; Hogan, Thomas; Hogan, Thomas; Howe, Lauren A.; Howe, Lauren A.; Hughes; Hughes; Kane, Frances; Kane, Frances; Kane, Frances; Kellog, J. J.; Kellog, J. J.; Kenney, Thomas; Kenney, Thomas; Lane, W. R.; Lane, W. R.; Larkin, Edward; Larkin, Edward; Lauer, Harold S.; Lauer, Harold S.; Lauer, Harold S.; Lawler, John; Lawler, John; Lawton, Geo. M.; Lawton, Geo. M.; Loving, Hansen; Loving, Hansen; Loving, Hansen; Lumpkin; Lumpkin; Maloney, Lawrence; Maloney, Lawrence; Marsh; Marsh; Mason; Mason; McCausland, Leo; McCausland, Leo; McCormick, Elmer; McCormick, Elmer; McCormick, Elmer; McKinnon, Frank; McKinnon, Frank; McLaren, J.; McLaren, J.; Moegel, Eddie; Moegel, Eddie; Moegel, Eddie; O'Hara, John H.; O'Hara, John H.; O'Neil, G. R.; O'Neil, G. R.; Owens, Hobart; Owens, Hobart; Paterson, Britt; Paterson, Britt; Perry; Perry; Petzold, Tom; Petzold, Tom; Pisula, Harry; Pisula, Harry; Prey, Percy; Prey, Percy; Prey, Percy; Quigley, William; Quigley, William; Quinn, Thomas; Quinn, Thomas; Randolph; Randolph; Reich; Reich; Reid, William A.; Reid, William A.; Reid, William A.; Russell, John A.; Russell, John A.; Scallen, John P.; Scallen, John P.; Seitz, Claude; Seitz, Claude; Spellman, Edward; Spellman, Edward; Sundstrom, Al; Sundstrom, Al; Thomas; Thomas; Voss, Walter; Voss, Walter; Voss, Walter; Wagner; Wagner; Wolfe; Wolfe; Zastrow, Joe; Zastrow, Joe

Keyword(s): University of Detroit; Athletic Committee; Athletic Committee; Athletics Statement; Athletics Statement; Bethany; Bethany College Probable Lineup; Bethany College Probable Lineup; Cheers; Cheers; Cheers; Director of Publicity; Director of Publicity; Fight Songs; Fight Songs; Football Schedule; Football Schedule; Head Linesman; Head Linesman; Officers; Officers; Referee; Referee; Spectator Score Card; Spectator Score Card; U of D Football Squad; U of D Football Squad; U of D Probable Lineup; U of D Probable Lineup; Umpire; Umpire

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