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The first football season for the college was that of 1896. Prior to this there had been any number of "scrub" teams whose personnel was not necessarily restricted to college boys. They would play such teams as the Cork Town Tigers or the Car Shop A.C. However, in 1896 there seems to have been considerable football talent in the college and Professor William F.Robison, S.J., no mean player himself in his college days, determined to make the best of it. The football program at the University had many ups and downs until on Monday November 30, 1964, the student body and many of the alumni were shocked by the announcement that the University would no longer field a varsity football team. In his special release to the press, Father Britt pointed out that the President and Trustees did not act hastily in this matter. Rather, "mindful of the university's long and honorable tradition in football," the administration was reluctant to make the final decision and postponed doing so until "all reasonable efforts had been made".

To learn more about the history of football at the University of Detroit, please visit the Football History page.

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