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(Bb Ultra) Add a Link to Textbox Content

The Blackboard's toolbar makes adding a link to the contents of any textbox -- be it a discussion board post, announcement, email, anything -- very easy. First you'll want to write your post or item which will include the link. Then, open a new browser tab (CTRL+T), and find and copy your URL. For this example, I've pulled the permalink to a journal article from the Library's catalog:

image of permalink selection

Next, highlight the text you want folks to click on to open the link (in the example below, "DiPaolo's leadership article" will be our link text), then click the link button in the toolbar, which looks like a couple links of chain.

image of ultra link selection

If you don't see it immediately, click the + button, then choose "Insert / Edit Link":

image of ultra more-link

Then, paste (CTRL+V) your link url into the "Link URL" field and click the INSERT button.

image of insert link window

Permalink Last updated 08/25/2020 by R. Davidson

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