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HaPI is the Way I'm Feeling

Anyone old enough will recognize the title as a line from a Carpenters song on their Horizon album called Happy. But today I’m happy because the Health and Psychosocial Instruments (HaPI) database is here. This database will help you find information on assessment instruments in the health and behavioral science areas.




Access to HaPI is through Ovid. From the library home page, click on the Students tab. Then click on Databases A-Z. Scroll down until you find  Health and Psychosocial Instruments (HaPI). Then click where it says Go to database.

Then, select Health and Psychosocial Instruments and click OK

The basic search screen allows for keyword searching. By clicking on Limits, you can limit search results to Primary Sources (articles where the instrument was first published or a source that contains the full text of the instrument) or Secondary Sources (articles that use a particular instrument). By clicking Edit Limits there are even more ways to limit your search.





The advance search screen will allow you to search by Keyword, Author, Title, or Journal.

Note that there is very little full text in HaPI. The results provide references to the relevant articles. By clicking on the right side where it say Check Ex Libris, you can determine whether the Detroit Mercy library subscribes to those references.







One last thing to remember, Detroit Mercy has only one site license for HaPI, so only one person at a time can use it. When you’re finished, please remember to close out of it by clicking on Logoff in the upper right hand corner.



Hopefully, HaPI will make your assessment research happy.

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