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Diversity statement


The Libraries/Instructional Design Studio at the University of Detroit Mercy takes as its own the University's Mission and Core Values statements which emphasize the dignity and uniqueness of each person, and the contribution and strength of the diverse community at large. Commitment to diversity is a responsibility of the library profession, and of all personnel, faculty, and administrators of the Libraries/Instructional Design Studio.

The Libraries/Instructional Design Studio pursues diversity by recruitment, hiring, retention, promotion, and other personnel practices, by developing and providing access to diverse collections, by teaching and interacting as information professionals, and by funding all these priorities. The Libraries/Instructional Design Studio focuses on quality service through sensitivity to cultural differences, flexibility to individual learning styles, effective dialogues, and the communication of accurate information.

Diversity in Personnel

The goal of Libraries/Instructional Design Studio personnel is to attract and retain qualified individuals who will contribute to the Mission and Core Values of the University. It is important that the composition of Libraries/Instructional Design Studio personnel reflect the University's diverse student population. In accordance with University policy, qualified library personnel will be sought from the Sisters of Mercy,...

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