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(Bb Ultra) Upload a File Using Text Editor

On occasion, you may need to upload a file to Blackboard. You may be submitting a paper you've written in Word via the Assignment tool, or...

More on (Bb Ultra) Upload a File Using Text Editor Updated 8/9/20 by R. Davidson
Download (and print?) a graded assignment

At some point you may want to keep a copy of the feedback your professor gave you on a written assignment submitted through Blackboard, either for...

More on Download (and print?) a graded assignment Updated 2/21/17 by R. Davidson
Submitting a group assignment

One of the most common ways Groups are used is to submit group assignments. If you have been given a group assignment, you will see “Group...

More on Submitting a group assignment Updated 8/1/17 by R. Davidson
Submitting an assignment online

Submitting an assignment online is a simple process. You can turn in all manner of files using Blackboard's assignment tool, and you can even...

More on Submitting an assignment online Updated 4/27/18 by R. Davidson

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