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Sexual harassment
Viewing sexually explicit material in the libraries

When someone sees a sexually explicit image that is being viewed by someone other than the researcher and that image makes the other person uncomfortable,

  • Library personnel to whom a complaint is directed are to ask the researcher to remove the image from the screen; if the image is obviously pornographic the researcher is warned and told to leave the building; following this request, if the researcher refuses to remove the image from the screen, a further complaint may be filed by the complaining patron
  • Library personnel are responsible for informing the complaining patron and the researcher of the University's Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy, giving both the patron and the researcher a copy of same
  • if the researcher does not clear the screen, the library personnel will ask another employee to witness the situation, politely repeating each of the above steps
  • Library personnel will effectively complete the clearing of the screen; when library personnel have to clear the image, library personnel will document (date, time, place, names of persons involved) the situation

Violations of these rules may result in loss of access, up to an including banishment from the campus. Unlawful activities will be dealt with in a serious and appropriate manner.

If you have questions about this policy, please contact the Associate Dean for Public Services, 313 993-1078 or

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