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Last update: 10-18-2012


Click through to find out about core readings, books and articles in metaphysics in the new metaphysics libguide

Last update: 10-16-2013


Books, articles and websites available in the UDM libraries.

African philosophy

This list includes websites, online journals and UDM library books on African philosophy. (Created December, 2007).

Last update: 11-30-2007

Catholicism and Philosophy

This list starts with three papal encyclicals that outline the Roman Catholic Church's official position on Christian philosophy and particular philosophers. The encyclicals are followed by books that seek to explain Catholic philosophy in more detail, and works by philosphers like St. Thomas Aquinas, who contributed to the development of Catholic philosophy. (Created April, 2007).

Last update: 09-07-2012


A chronological list of influential books about logic.

Philosophy Videos in the UDM Libraries

Philosophy videos shelved in the reference area of the McNichols library.

Philosophy blogs

Last update: 09-19-2012

How we see

Books, ebooks and websites on how we perceive and interpret images, including how our perceptions have changed throughout history.   (Fall, 2011)

Last update: 09-06-2013

Jewish Philosophy and Ethics

This libguide includes core readings, current books, journal articles and websites on Jewish ethics and philosophy.

Last update: 10-18-2013

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