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Print Philosophy Journals

American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly

(American Catholic Philosophical Association)
McNichols Campus Library
B 1 .N4

The official journal of the American Catholic Philosophical Association, this peer-reviewed journal features scholarly articles and discussions about all areas of philosophy. Every third issue focuses on the work and influence of a particular philosopher.

International philosophical quarterly : IPQ

(Fordham University Press)
McNichols Campus Library
B 1 .I6

This refereed journal includes scholarly research articles exploring historical and contemporary philosophical ideas. The journal provides international and intercultural discussions and focuses on theistic and personalist humanism.

Journal of the History of Ideas.

(Journal of the History of Ideas, Inc.)
McNichols Campus Library
B 1 .J75

This interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal examines the evolution of ideas and their influence on culture and intellectual thought.

Journal of the History of Philosophy.

(University of California Press)
McNichols Campus Library
B 1 .A214

This refereed journal publishes articles, discussions, and book reviews on the history of Western philosophy.

Journal of Philosophy

(W.T. Bush)
McNichols Campus Library
B 1 .J6

This journal includes editorials, reviews, and scholarly philosophical articles that encourage the exchange of ideas and probe the boundaries between philosophy and other disciplines

Philosophy and Phenomenological Research.

(State University of New York at Buffalo)
McNichols Campus Library
B 1 .P57

This refereed journal includes articles from a variety of philosophical methodologies and orientations, including articles on the philosophy of mind, epistemology and metaphysics.

Philosophy & Public Policy Quarterly

(Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy)
McNichols Campus Library
H 1 .Q65

This journal includes research articles on the concepts and values that affect public policy. Topics include equal opportunitiy, human rights, international justice, biotechnology, etc...

Philosophy: The Journal of the British Institute of Philosophical Studies.

McNichols Campus Library
B 1 .P55

Philosophy, the journal of The Royal Institute of Philosophy, includes scholarly articles on various branches of philosophy including logic, metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, aesthetics, etc… It also includes nontechnical articles on social and political philosophy and philosophies of religion, science, and education. Articles are aimed at the public and specialists in other fields.

Philosophy Today

(Messenger Press)
McNichols Campus Library
B 1 .P576

This refereed journal includes essays and reviews of current trends and issues in philosophy, as well as papers from the annual meeting of the Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy.

Science & Society

(Science & society)
McNichols Campus Library
H 1 .S25

This peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal featuring research in Marxism includes articles in politics, economics, natural sciences, social sciences, ethnic studies, history, literature and the arts as they relate to Marxism.

Social Justice Review

(Catholic Central Union of America)
McNichols Campus Library
HN 37 .C3 S643

Monthly journal published by the Catholic Central Verein of America with articles supporting Christian marriage, family life, and education according to the teachings of the popes.

South Atlantic Quarterly.

(Duke University Press)
McNichols Campus Library
AP 2 .S75

Each issue of this refereed journal is devoted to a single cultural, literary, or political issue. Recent issues include post-apartheid South Africa, Racial Americana, and human rights.

Technology and Culture

(University of Chicago Press)
McNichols Campus Library
T 1 .T27

Quarterly, peer-reviewed scholarly journal featuring articles, book reviews, and critical essays on the history of technology and it’s relationship to politics, economics, the environment, science, and public policy.

Current Table of Contents for Print Philosophy Journals available in the UDM McNichols Campus Library

Spreitzer, Jill.

This page includes TOC listings for philosophy journals that the McNichols library currently receives in print.  Some link to online abstracts, but you must visit the library to read entire articles.

Cindy Gilham

Associate Librarian
Reference Services
McNichols Campus Library

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