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Abraham Lincoln

Sixteenth president of the United States, Lincoln is counted among the greatest and certainly the most revered; as the savior of a nation or the Great Emacipator, every generation has had  different interpretations of his influence,  actions, and of the man himself. There have probably been more books written on Lincoln then any other president. Here is a sample of some recent titles, as well as some classics.

Last review: 11-25-2013

Abraham Lincoln--websites.

Last review: 11-25-2013

Ancient Mediterranean

Last update: 08-12-2013


Last review: 05-09-2013

The Cold War--websites

Last update: 03-19-2013

The Great Depression--websites

Last review: 05-02-2013

Historical Methods

Last review: 11-25-2013

History of Science and Technology

Last update: 04-20-2012


Last review: 05-02-2013

Presidential Libraries

The Presidential Library System started in 1939 when FDR donated his personal and presidential papers to the federal government.  In 1955, Congress passed the Congressional Libraries Act, establishing a system of federally maintained libraries.  There is a library/museum for every former president since Herbert Hoover.  Content of these websites vary; ranging from virtual exhibits, primary documents, to audio and video of speeches and events.

Last update: 05-16-2013

Slavery Libguide

Find information about slavery in America; including abolition, the underground railroad, slave insurrections and more.

Statistical Sources for Historical Research

A variety of sources for historical statistics.

Last update: 06-08-2012

The Temperance Movement

Books about the American Temperance Movement from its beginnings in the early 19th century to prohibition.

Last update: 10-30-2008

The Vietnam War

Last update: 06-14-2011

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