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Research Guides

Academic Ethics

This list includes websites, articles, books and videos on academic ethics in higher education. Issues include character education, academic freedom, educating with democratic ideals, cheating, plagiarism, and social responsibilities of universities. (Created 2005).

Last update: 09-11-2013

Business Ethics

The resources in this list examine the social and ethical responsibilities of businesses. Included are books, videos, journal articles, and websites. (Created 2005).

Last update: 10-08-2013

Capital Punishment

This list includes books, ebooks, website, journal articles, U.S. Supreme Court decisions and videos on both sides of issue of capital punishment.

Last update: 10-22-2012

Catholic Bioethics

This list begins with papal documents and links to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops' official positions on bioethical issues. Books, book chapters and journal articles that discuss Catholic positions on various bioethical issues follow. (Created April, 2007)

Last update: 10-08-2012

Christian Ethics

This list includes core readings, histories and overviews, and notable supplemental readings in Christian ethics.

Last update: 10-16-2012

Corporate Social Responsibility

These websites include data on corporations such as lawsuits involving the corporations, union representation, executive and director compensation, and environmental issues. (Created September, 2006).

Last update: 04-27-2011

Engineering Ethics

Books, eBooks, DVDs and websites on ethical issues in engineering.

Last update: 03-18-2013

Environmental Ethics

This list includes core articles and books as well as websites and more recent readings in environmental ethics.  (Created December, 2007).

Last update: 10-08-2013


This guide includes websites, books and ebooks with resources for the homeless, as well information on homelessness issues, policies, research, statistics and grant funding for programs serving the homeless. 

Last update: 10-08-2013

Immigration Ethics

Includes books, eBooks, eJournals and websites that discuss various ethical issues of immigration policies and laws.

Last update: 10-08-2013

Jewish Philosophy and Ethics

This libguide includes core readings, current books, journal articles and websites on Jewish ethics and philosophy.

Last update: 10-18-2013

Journalism Ethics

This list includes books, videos and websites on ethical issues that confront journalists.  (Created May, 2008).

Last update: 10-09-2013

Minimum Wage

Last update: 02-14-2011

Online ethics

Includes websites and books on Internet ethical issues such as copyright, pornography, hackers, hate groups,  censorship, privacy, government regulation, cyberbullying, and malware.

Last update: 10-09-2013

The Right to Die

Resources in this list include websites, videos, books and journal articles on the ethical aspects of advance directives, living wills, physician-assisted suicide and long-term care of severely brain-damaged patients. (Created 2005).

Last update: 08-07-2019

Service Learning

This list includes books and articles on service learning history, pedagogies, and its role in teaching social and ethical values. (Created 2005).

Last update: 10-12-2011

Stem Cell Research

Includes books, government reports, and links to websites discussing the ethical aspects of stem cell research. (Created January, 2006).

Last update: 08-31-2010

Ethics Blogs

Last update: 03-02-2009

Reproductive Technology: Ethics and Regulation

For additional resources, search the library catalog for:

  • Subject-LC: Fertilization in vitro, Human -- Law and legislation
  • Subject-LC: Human reproductive technology
  • Subject-LC: Human embryo -- Transplantation
  • Subject-LC: Infertility
  • Subject-LC: Artificial Insemination, Human
  • Subject-LC:

Last update: 05-14-2014

ARCH 1290

Course-related library materials on topics including:

  • Race relations
  • African Americans in Michigan
  • The Sisters of Mercy
  • The Society of Jesus (Jesuit order)
  • Universities and Communities

Last update: 02-21-2010

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