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Shrine Herald Collection
1939-11-12 v005 n001
1940-07-28 v005 n038
1941-01-26 v006 n012
1943-01-17 v008 n006
1946-01-06 v011 n006
1946-08-25 v011 n039
1948-07-04 v013 n031
1950-04-02 v002 n018
1952-03-16 v004 n011
1962-12-23 v021 n002
1964-04-12 v022 n018
1965-09-19 v023 n041
1967-06-18 v025 n045
1967-10-22 v025 n063
1967-12-17 v025 n071
1975-02-16 v031 n007
1976-08-22 v031 n083
1976-05-02 v031 n067

The Shrine Herald is the weekly parish newsletter for the National Shrine of the Little Flower. It began publication in November, 1935, and continues today. The newsletter reports activities within the parish, including the many parish organizations. It reports births, baptisms, marriages and deaths in the parish, information about upcoming events and services, and it serves to post events within the Archdiocese of Detroit.  Links to PDFs of all available issues of the Herald appear below.

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