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Take 2

Take Notice

Take those old records off the shelf

Taken Back

Talking Birds


tattoos last longer than romance

Tea Lights

Teach Me



Texture of Detroit

That Old Saying

The "I" Poem that Doesn't Have Anything To Do With Me

The Antique Million Dollar Home

The Autumn Goddess

The Bad Boy

The Bed Chamber of a King

The Big Bang

The Binary

The Blind Fold

The Boat Won't Fly

The Book Leeches

The Bottom

The Brothel

The Captain

The Carnival

The Case of the Vanishing Lover

The Cat's Sky City

The Chisel, or Hank Williams Only Knew Three Chords

The Color Blue

The Cons'tine's Burden

The Cut

The Cut River Delta

The Dance

The Darkroom Door

The Daughter I Dreamed

The Deer

The Demon

The Diseased

The Doe

The Dying Words of an Undergraduate

The Equations of Self in Paul Auster's City of Glass

The Exclamation Point

The Face Eaters: A Prologue

The Falling Man

The Fire Trails

The Floor of Play

The Forecast should have been Rain

The Friend Who Was Your Second Love

The Girl That Cried Fire or When One Becomes Arson or How to Love a Phoenix

The Giver

the grave's a fine and private place

The Great Forest of 10

The Green World

The Hancock

the idiot box

The Imp Who Only Said "Yes"

The Invincibility of 17

The Journey Through Life

the Kite Always Sinks

The Knoll

The Lady with the Stump

The Land Is Altered

The Laughter of Wolves

The Legend

The Love Song of J. Melba Dingle

The Lover's Search

The Man and his Shadow (or the Shadow and his Man)

The Man is the Moon

The Median

The Morning After

The Mother

The Muppet Master

The Murderer

The Night I Hyperventilated

The Old Man

The Olive Tree

The Only Way

The Only Way to Go is U.P.

The Party

The Poet

The Quill

The Return

The Reunion

The Rules for Men

The Shark of Cyprus

The Smoking Nguns

The Spirit of Hagar

The Spot

The Stupid Orange Chick

The Talking Drum

The Un-Free Press: The Coercive Tool of the Southern Aristocracy

The Uninviting Fire

The View

The Way They Fell

The Woman through the Keyhole

The Word of the Cool, Book 2

Theatre Company



There is a Patch of Rust

Things My Mother Gave Me

Think Before You Speak

This Body (A Love Story)

This Perfect Night

This Room Should be Blue

Three Quests, Two Audiences, One Poem: A Discussion of Robert Browning's "Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came"

Thursday's Move


Tikal Park Mayan Ruin

Time Capsule

Time for Love

Timeline of a Purple Woman

Tired Eyes

To Avoid Darkness, Buy a Lamp

To Bitterness by Another Name Called

To Mr. Todd

To My Ma: On Living With Grandma

To Pamela: February 14, 1993

To The Dad Who Wanted Boys

To Walk Backwards


Touched by Time



Trafid (A One Act Play)


Train of Thought








tre seul

Treadmill & iMac




Tuesday at 5

Tunel Estanque

Tunnel Mountain Pass

Tunnel Vision

Two Blocks From The Detroit River


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