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Honors Convocation

University of Detroit Mercy

Institution president: Stockhausen, Gerard L., SJ

Gesu Catholic Church; Student Center Building, McNichols Campus

Speaker / Addess: Bolz, Barbara; Bolz, Barbara; Henold, Kenneth L.; Henold, Kenneth L.; O'Shaughnessey, Mary; O'Shaughnessey, Mary

Special honors: Adams, Rhunell D.; Adams, Rhunell D.; Aleardi, Dominick; Aleardi, Dominick; Anway, Sarah M.; Anway, Sarah M.; Apczynski, Kevin W.; Apczynski, Kevin W.; Apczynski, Kevin W.; Arnett, Phoebe A.; Arnett, Phoebe A.; Ball, Andrew Charles; Ball, Andrew Charles; Bennetts, Rebecca M.; Bennetts, Rebecca M.; Bennetts, Rebecca M.; Bennetts, Rebecca M.; Bernard, Kari Jo; Bernard, Kari Jo; Billis, Julie C.; Billis, Julie C.; Bitterman-Wenson, Angela M.; Bitterman-Wenson, Angela M.; Boudreau, Barbara L.; Boudreau, Barbara L.; Brooks, Allen; Brooks, Allen; Buchs, Karen L.; Buchs, Karen L.; Callan, Elizabeth; Callan, Elizabeth; Calvin, Nichole D.; Calvin, Nichole D.; Conley-Owens, Rochelle R.; Conley-Owens, Rochelle R.; Cooper, Joanna C.; Cooper, Joanna C.; Cowall, Theresa M.; Cowall, Theresa M.; Cruz, Yosely K.; Cruz, Yosely K.; Dantzler, Donna; Dantzler, Donna; DeHaan, D. Andrew; DeHaan, D. Andrew; Dereczyk, David; Dereczyk, David; Dietrich, Judy L.; Dietrich, Judy L.; Dillon, Nancy Ann; Dillon, Nancy Ann; Dixon, Pauline H. Cedillos; Dixon, Pauline H. Cedillos; Dunne, Jennifer L.; Dunne, Jennifer L.; Dunne, Jennifer L.; Dunning, Robert D.; Dunning, Robert D.; Early, Mitchell A.; Early, Mitchell A.; Edwards, Marilyn; Edwards, Marilyn; Fakir, Nazim B.; Fakir, Nazim B.; Fernandez, Marco A.; Fernandez, Marco A.; Fitzgerald, Colleen J.; Fitzgerald, Colleen J.; Frazier, Darryl T.; Frazier, Darryl T.; Gage, Raymound; Gage, Raymound; Gates, Genevieve M.; Gates, Genevieve M.; Gates, Genevieve M.; Gibbs, Ashley; Gibbs, Ashley; Gilbert, Margo B.; Gilbert, Margo B.; Goddard, Caitlin E.; Goddard, Caitlin E.; Goeddeke, Rachel E.; Goeddeke, Rachel E.; Goforth, Philip T.; Goforth, Philip T.; Goforth, Philip T.; Gotelaere, Kristen M.; Gotelaere, Kristen M.; Graham, Stephen M.; Graham, Stephen M.; Green, Stephanie Irene; Green, Stephanie Irene; Gremaux, Timothy; Gremaux, Timothy; Grider, Bryan; Grider, Bryan; Guina, Jeffrey; Guina, Jeffrey; Halligan, Patrick Robert; Halligan, Patrick Robert; Hardy, Elizabeth; Hardy, Elizabeth; Harris, Karen D.; Harris, Karen D.; Haupt, James L.; Haupt, James L.; Holbrook, Joseph R.; Holbrook, Joseph R.; Humphrey, Beverly R.; Humphrey, Beverly R.; Jabo, Reem; Jabo, Reem; Jabo, Reem; Johnson, Stephanie J.; Johnson, Stephanie J.; Jones, Sheroyn J.; Jones, Sheroyn J.; Karner, Joanna G.; Karner, Joanna G.; Kasza, Karla; Kasza, Karla; Kelly, Andrew G.; Kelly, Andrew G.; Korolewicz, Elizabeth M.; Korolewicz, Elizabeth M.; Kushnereit, Joshua; Kushnereit, Joshua; LaCroix, Huda; LaCroix, Huda; LaLonde, Christine; LaLonde, Christine; Lee, Cheng-Lung; Lee, Cheng-Lung; Lerner, James II; Lerner, James II; Lopez, Ann Marie; Lopez, Ann Marie; Lubinski, Martin J.; Lubinski, Martin J.; Lubinski, Martin J.; Lubinski, Martin J.; Lubinski, Martin J.; Mals, Sandra M.; Mals, Sandra M.; Marling, Shannon E.; Marling, Shannon E.; Massey, Brandon L.; Massey, Brandon L.; Matkin, Richard A.; Matkin, Richard A.; McKechnie, Sr. Josie C.; McKechnie, Sr. Josie C.; McKeon, Robert; McKeon, Robert; Metheny, Kimberly A.; Metheny, Kimberly A.; Michel, Deborah; Michel, Deborah; Mitchell, Melissa; Mitchell, Melissa; Moraca, Alexandra E.; Moraca, Alexandra E.; Muscat, Jane; Muscat, Jane; Najarian, Taleen A.; Najarian, Taleen A.; Osantowski, Kimberly A.; Osantowski, Kimberly A.; Papke, Morgan; Papke, Morgan; Patel, Niyant; Patel, Niyant; Patel, Prakash Arvind; Patel, Prakash Arvind; Patton, Stephanie A.; Patton, Stephanie A.; Patton, Stephanie A.; Peterson, Evan A.; Peterson, Evan A.; Picard, Sandra M.; Picard, Sandra M.; Pidsosny, Katie; Pidsosny, Katie; Raczka, Michaeline; Raczka, Michaeline; Raska, Casey L.; Raska, Casey L.; Raspberry, Valerie F.; Raspberry, Valerie F.; Reifert, Elizabeth; Reifert, Elizabeth; Reifert, Elizabeth; Rence, Kelley K.; Rence, Kelley K.; Rodger, Tanisha E.; Rodger, Tanisha E.; Ross, Sandra; Ross, Sandra; Rubley, Chelsea; Rubley, Chelsea; Sedlik, Amanda Lynn; Sedlik, Amanda Lynn; Shibanova, Anastasia; Shibanova, Anastasia; Simmons, Walter; Simmons, Walter; Smith, Laura J.; Smith, Laura J.; Smith, Laura J.; Solner, Katherine E.; Solner, Katherine E.; Stewart, Donna L.; Stewart, Donna L.; Tamm, Stephanie; Tamm, Stephanie; Tardiff, Angela Marie; Tardiff, Angela Marie; Thavarajah, Indrajit K.; Thavarajah, Indrajit K.; Tomlin, Tyra L.; Tomlin, Tyra L.; Toth-Atar, Emily; Toth-Atar, Emily; Trajkov, Regina; Trajkov, Regina; Valliere, Karen L.; Valliere, Karen L.; Verschoote, Peter A.; Verschoote, Peter A.; Vyzral, Roberta J.; Vyzral, Roberta J.; Whitaker, Kay Lynn; Whitaker, Kay Lynn; Whitcomb, Davonn; Whitcomb, Davonn; Wilson, Kelley G. Geddis; Wilson, Kelley G. Geddis; Woods, Paulette; Woods, Paulette; Wynn, Evelyn J.; Wynn, Evelyn J.; Yaldou, Branden; Yaldou, Branden; Young, Monica; Young, Monica; Zinser, Daniel W.; Zinser, Daniel W.

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