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Kathy Moore's Party

This event is from a series of slides that were in a box that contained events from the 1962-1963 era. According to the notes by Don Large, the photos are from a party in 1962 that took place in the home of Kathy Moore, a member of the U of D Chorus.

If you have additional information on this event and/or you would like to add or correct any name(s) associated with these photos, please contact the UDM library. Please include the image number noted on the left hand slide of the description of the photo.

Chorus member name: Baranski, Steve; Baranski, Steve; Bender, Denny; Bender, Denny; Bezaire, Marianne; Bezaire, Marianne; Bezaire, Marianne; Boehne, Carol; Boehne, Carol; Boehne, Carol; Boehne, Carol; Burns, Walter; Doughty, Vanetta; Doughty, Vanetta; Fox, Donna; Fox, Donna; Gauthier, Paul; Gauthier, Paul; Gerhardstein, Gerry; Gerhardstein, Gerry; Gesinski, Frank; Gesinski, Frank; Gesinski, Frank; Henke, Roberta; Henke, Roberta; Keenan, Tim; Keenan, Tim; Moore, Kathy; Moore, Kathy; Neme, Marlene; Neme, Marlene; Neme, Marlene; Richard, Mike; Richard, Mike; Richart, Judy; Richart, Judy; Richart, Tom; Richart, Tom; Richart, Tom; Richart, Tom; Schotthoefer, Barbara; Schotthoefer, Barbara; Schotthoefer, John; Schotthoefer, John; Shannon, Marge; Shannon, Marge; Sowul, Jerry; Sowul, Jerry; Sowul, Jerry; Sowul, Jerry; Sowul, Jerry; Sowul, Marianne; Sowul, Marianne; Sowul, Marianne; Teeven, Rick; Teeven, Rick; Tintinalli, Len; Tintinalli, Len

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