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Chorus Concert Series Recording

In order to determine how the Chorus and its smaller groups sounded, Don Large would tape many of the rehearsals and concerts.

This collection is a compilation of four master tapes from approximately 1960 - 1964. It is presented here un-edited; therefore, you will hear multiple takes of a single song.

Two members of the Chorus, Ron Beltz and Frank Gesinski, were responsible for recording some of the rehearsals/concerts contained in this recording using a full track Ampex recorder. As Ron Beltz noted, “Very expensive at the time. A full track recorder was the professional standard at the time for standard reel-to-reel tape.” Gerald Gruska remembered that a Sony 777 reel-to-reel tape recorder was also used.

Chorus member name: Borovsky, Jerry; Borovsky, Jerry; Gainor, Paul; Gainor, Paul; Mouhot, Bill; Mouhot, Bill; Serocki, Camille; Serocki, Camille; Shumard, Clay; Shumard, Clay; Siragusa, Vince; Siragusa, Vince; Zeck, Sharon; Zeck, Sharon; Zeck, Sharon; Zeck, Sharon

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