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Andi Bates Party

This photographs of this event from the Don Large Slide Collection are from a party held at the home of Chorus member, Adrea Bates.

Chorus member name: Baier, Chuck; Baier, Chuck; Baier, Chuck; Baranski, Christine; Baranski, Christine; Baranski, Steve; Baranski, Steve; Bates, Andrea; Bates, Andrea; Bates, Andrea; Berg, Judy; Berg, Judy; Brady, Pat; Brady, Pat; Doughty, Vanetta; Doughty, Vanetta; Doughty, Vanetta; Ernzen, Phil; Ernzen, Phil; Gainor, Paul; Gainor, Paul; Kreinbring, Sue; Kreinbring, Sue; Kreinbring, Sue; Large, Jane; Large, Jane; Mehlenbacher, Julie; Mehlenbacher, Julie; Neme, Marlene; Neme, Marlene; Polizzi, Pietrina; Polizzi, Pietrina; Riccobono, Bill; Riccobono, Bill; Sedick, Jerry; Sedick, Jerry; Sedick, Jerry; Slowik, Joe; Slowik, Joe; Slowik, Joe; Stuckey, Paul; Stuckey, Paul

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