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Dinner Dance

This presentation is from a series of slides that were in a box that contained images from events that took place during the years 1964 and 1966. According to Don Large’s notes, the event shown here is the Chorus Dinner Dance held in 1966. The location was not mentioned in Don Large's notes.

The description of these slides is drawn from a combination of what Don Large wrote for each and expanded. This was done to provide as many names as possible and was based on the list of Chorus members found in the U of D Yearbook for this year.

Chorus member name: Baier, Chuck; Baier, Chuck; Bates, Andrea; Bates, Andrea; Beltz, Ron; Beltz, Ron; Bennett, Tom; Bennett, Tom; Borovsky, Jerry; Borovsky, Jerry; Borovsky, Jerry; Bradfield, Trudy; Bradfield, Trudy; Brady, Pat; Brady, Pat; Bremer, Chip; Bremer, Chip; Dolgner, Cora; Dolgner, Cora; Goebel, Jim; Goebel, Jim; Goleniak, Doris; Goleniak, Doris; Kapron, Mitch; Kapron, Mitch; Krister, Sue (Scubi); Krister, Sue (Scubi); Krister, Sue (Scubi); Krupansky, Jan; Krupansky, Jan; Large, Jane; Large, Jane; Large, Jane; Large, Jane; Matoshko, Velma; Matoshko, Velma; Matoshko, Velma; Matoshko, Velma; Palombit, Betsy; Palombit, Betsy; Pettinger, Kathy; Pettinger, Kathy; Riccobono, Bill; Riccobono, Bill; Schmitz, Bob; Schmitz, Bob; Smialek, Barb; Smialek, Barb; Taliaferro, Larry; Taliaferro, Larry; Tomazic, Terry

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