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Batch add students

If you need to add more than a couple students to a course site at one time, the easiest way to get your students into the site is with the BATCH ADD...

More on Batch add students Updated 9/18/17 by R. Davidson
Enroll one or more users

Although the link between Knowledge and TitanConnect means students are automatically loaded into your traditional courses based on their enrollment,...

More on Enroll one or more users Updated 8/22/17 by R. Davidson
Logging in to Blackboard

Use your TitanConnect username and password to log in to Blackboard. If your TitanConnect password isn't working Confirm you don't have...

More on Logging in to Blackboard Updated 8/17/17 by R. Davidson
Merging courses

If you're teaching a single course that's split into multiple sections, or multiple courses that will use the same content, you may want to...

More on Merging courses Updated 8/16/17 by R. Davidson
Who has access to Blackboard?

Blackboard is available to current students. If you are currently registered for a course, or were registered for a course in the last term, you...

More on Who has access to Blackboard? Updated 9/18/17 by R. Davidson

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