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Glossary of library terms
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Annotated Bibliography

A list of works on a topic or by a particular author in which each citation is followed by a brief summation and/or evaluation of the work.

More on Annotated Bibliography Updated 5/25/17 by R. Davidson

A bibliography is a list of citations or references at the end of a research paper, journal article, book chapter, or book. This list of citations is...

More on Biblography Updated 5/25/17 by R. Davidson
Boolean searching

Much database and internet searching is based on Boolean principles (named after mathematician George Boole). The three most commonly used operators...

More on Boolean searching Updated 5/25/17 by R. Davidson

A citation is a brief representation of a work. It provides all the necessary information to describe and locate the work including title, author,...

More on Citation Updated 5/25/17 by R. Davidson
Digital Object Identifier (DOI)

The Digital Object Identifier (DOI) is a unique alphanumeric string assigned to journal articles that identifies content and location. The DOI can be...

More on Digital Object Identifier (DOI) Updated 5/25/17 by R. Davidson

A systematically arranged list that provides enough information for each item on the list to be found. For example, an index of a book lists names...

More on Index Updated 5/25/17 by R. Davidson

A journal generally refers to a periodical that is published on a regular basis issued by a society, university press, government agency or...

More on Journal Updated 5/25/17 by R. Davidson

A keyword is a word or a phrase that is used in a search engine to find relevant information. Database searches often look for keywords in multiple...

More on Keyword Updated 5/25/17 by R. Davidson
Online catalog

The online catalog is a computer database that lists the materials the library’s owns. It is also called the OPAC (online public access...

More on Online catalog Updated 5/25/17 by R. Davidson
Peer reviewed (refereed)

Peer reviewed refers to the process whereby articles submitted for publication in a journal are evaluated by subject experts for content,...

More on Peer reviewed (refereed) Updated 5/25/17 by R. Davidson

Scholarly activities are those that involve academic or educational pursuits. Scholarly articles are written at an advanced level by subject experts...

More on Scholarly Updated 5/25/17 by R. Davidson

This term refers to the areas in the library where books and bound periodicals are shelved. The McNichols campus library stacks are on the lower...

More on Stacks Updated 5/25/17 by R. Davidson

A thesaurus is most commonly known as a book that contains a list of words and their corresponding synonyms. In Microsoft Word, the Thesaurus feature...

More on Thesaurus Updated 5/25/17 by R. Davidson

Many search engines allow for truncation of keywords.  Truncation is the shortening of a search term by using a symbol so that all variants of...

More on Truncation Updated 5/25/17 by R. Davidson

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