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Who has access to my courses?

Faculty of record (as listed on Banner) and currently registered students have access to Blackboard course sites by default.

Faculty may enroll additional faculty or teaching assistants to their courses as need be, provided the individuals in question have active Detroit Mercy accounts.

Generally, non-Detroit Mercy users are not allowed access to Blackboard course sites. If faculty of record would like to provide temporary access to their course to an individual who does not have an active Detroit Mercy account, please contact the Instructional Design Studio.

Program or department heads, associate deans, and deans may request access to a course site to observe online activity in the same way that they might drop in on and observe a face-to-face class. The added administrator is responsible for notifying faculty of their enrollment in the course site.

In courses that include students who require disability support services, the Director of Disability Support Services may be added to the course site in the "Course Builder" role (which provides access to files that have not yet been made available to students, but which prevents access to the Grade Center). When course content requires closed captioning services, a captioning service account may also be added in the Course Builder role. Disability Support Services is responsible for notifying faculty of these enrollment changes.

The Instructional Design Studio staff may access a course to provide faculty and students with assistance using specific implementations of tools, to assessess bugs and potential issues that may impact system performance, and to verify student participation for Financial Aid purposes. In cases where faculty need ongoing support, Instructional Designers may add themselves to the course as an "instructor" (a Blackboard role that indicates full access to the course and its contents) until the faculty teaching the course feel comfortable that their concerns have been addressed.

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