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Mobile lecture capture

The Instructional Design Studio has two Swivl lecture capture units available to Detroit Mercy faculty interested in recording a live lecture or presentation. With the Swivl unit, faculty can use the video recording capabilities on their own phone or tablet to capture their presentation. The Swivl hub will track the presenter as they move about the front of the room. Audio from a mobile microphone (which the presenter wears on a lanyard), is fed directly into the phone or tablet via the headphone / microphone jack.

The Swivl unit and tripod may be checked out for 4 days. If necessary, the Instructional Design Studio will supply a phone (camera) as well. Expect to spend a minimum of 15 minutes with a designer learning how to set up and run the unit on your first check out.

Note: We've occasionally had issues with this unit -- room interference has sometimes problems with the lanyard-to-phone audio connection, resulting in less than ideal audio quality. If you have a guest speaker or the like which it is very important to capture at a high quality, we recommend seeking out a more professional recording service.

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