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Reordering items on Blackboard

Most things on Blackboard (menu items, announcements, folders, files, items, discussion board forums) can easily be reorganized. In most cases, the easiest way to reorganize Blackboard items is to put your mouse pointer over the left-side of the thing you wish to move. An up-down arrow will appear. Click that arrow and drag the thing you wish to move up or down on the list to reposition it.

Reorder drag button

If you need to rearrange a lot of items, need to move an item a long way up or down a list, or if you find rearranging by click-and-drag isn't sticking, there's still a bulk opton.

First, click the up and down arrow button in the top-right of the gray bar that contains your 'create items here' buttons.

reorder button

This opens the reorganize panel. Highlight the item you wish to move, then click the up or down buttons to move it. Once you have finished all reorganization for this section, click SUBMIT to save your changes.

Reorganize panel


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