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Using library computers

The Public Computer Workstations are primarily intended to serve as a gateway to Libraries/IDS-provided information resources such as the online catalog, resources owned by UDM, and licensed information databases. In addition, the workstations can be used for searching and accessing publicly available research and educational materials on the Internet using the standard browsing software provided.  At no time is viewing pornography acceptable under this policy.

The workstations make available Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Access for preparation of class-related papers, and are available for sending or receiving electronic mail. The workstations are not intended for games, for commercial enterprises, or for any non-educational purpose (e.g., entertainment media).

Use of computers, databases, and Internet is a privilege afforded student, faculty, and staff, and the expectation is that individuals will act responsibly within the University Library system guidelines. These guidelines include:

  • User is responsible for complying with the regulations in the U.S. Copyright Act and all subsequent addendums relative to printing and/or downloading information
  • User is responsible for respecting the intellectual property rights of licensed materials and shall properly cite in any report, research project, or presentation the source of information taken from a database or the Internet
  • User is responsible for not using any of the database licensed materials for commercial use unless permitted by the publisher
  • User shall not display pornographic materials which are inappropriate for display on public workstations
  • User shall not attempt to breach the UDM libraries or University computer system
  • User is responsible for keeping his/her ID T number for remote access confidential.


Although every effort is make to maintain all the library computers, equipment does fail without prior notice. In the case of computer failure or malfunction, the library system is not liable for loss or damage to any personal work of a student, faculty, staff, or community user.

It cannot be assumed that information found on the Internet is scholarly, accurate, most current, written by an authority, or even complete. It is the user's responsibility to evaluate the source and to determine its validity. The library system is not liable for a user's use or acceptance of the quality of information accessed on the Internet.

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