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Federal Government Documents

Scholarly Articles + Databases

Databases available through GPO Access and other government agencies

Catalog of U.S. government publications

"... the finding tool for federal publications that includes descriptive records for historical and current publications and provides direct links to those that are available online". 

New titles (Catalog of U.S. government publications)

Lists newly-cataloged (seven days to three months ago) government documents in both print and electronic format, and includes monthly archive reports of documents made available in electronic format since 2005.

Congressional record (Bound edition)

Provides online access to the contents of Congressional record from 1999 through 2001.

Electronic research collections

United States Dept. of State, Richard J. Daley Library, University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC).

"...electronically archived information products produced by State Department from 1990 to 1997 .... the UIC depository librarians work with the State Department public affairs staff to answer email questions from the public, and help users find other information sources about U.S. foreign policies and programs." 

List of Federal Agency Internet Sites

Louisiana State University Libraries.

A comprehensive listing of federal agencies.  Besides a search option, websites of the agancies are arranged hierarchically and alphabetically.  Also provides access by the three main branches of government and other broad categories: boards, commissions, and committees; "independent', and "quasi-official".

National Priorities Project : cost of war

Provides searchability by state and local community and shows how the equivalent cost of funding military action could finance programs such as health care and education.

Prisoner locator tools

Cornwall, Daniel.

Available via the federal Government Documents Roundtable (GODORT), this is a list of searchable sites provided by a large number of states.

Secrecy news

Aftergood, Steve.

"... a publication of the FAS Project on Government Secrecy. It provides informal coverage of new developments in secrecy, security and intelligence policies .... It is published 2 to 3 times a week, or as events warrant."  Users can view the archives, or subscribe to receive new articles by email.

State agency databases

Cornwall, Daniel.

Provides access to the websites of state agencies.  Available via the federal Government Documents Roundtable (GODORT)

FDSYS : Federal Digital System

"Provides free online access to official publications from all three branches of the Federal Government." 

Kris McLonis

Associate Library Professor, Head of Cataloging and Database Management
Cataloging and Database Management, Reference Services
McNichols Campus Library

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