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Civil and Human Rights

Déclaration universelle des droits de l'homme = Universal declaration of human rights = Declaración universal de derechos humanos

United Nations. General Assembly.
McNichols Campus Library
JC 571 .U5 1989

Text of the Declaration in French, Chinese, Arabic, English, Spanish and Russian.

Children's human rights : progress and challenges for children worldwide

Ensalaco, Mark.
McNichols Campus Library
HQ 789 .C454 2005

Original essays from a variety of academic and practitioner perspectives on human rights and the status of children.

Civil rights answers for teens

Michigan Dept. of Civil Rights. (2005)
McNichols Campus Library
KFM 4611 .C59 2005

Answers typical questions from teenagers about their civil rights under Michigan law, such as discrimination based on race, age and gender, and sexual harassment.

Civil rights questions & answers

Michigan Dept. of Civil Rights.
McNichols Campus Library
JC 599 .U62 M53 2003

Briefly explains Michigan law relating to cases involving violations of civil rights.

Explorations in privilege, oppression, and diversity

Anderson, Sharon K..
McNichols Campus Library
LC 205 .A53 2004

A collection of narratives designed to help readers undertand that privilege has many faces and many statuses, and individuals are subject to it as either agents of discimination, targets of discirmination, or both. The authors want their readers to analyze and dismantle privilege by acknowledging that privilege exists, that oppression exists because of privilege, that we participate in such oppression either conscioiusly or unconsciously, that we benefit from privilege regardless of the other oppressions we experience as target groups, and that privilege is reinforced at institutional and societal levels.

Fight against fear : southern Jews and Black civil rights

Webb, Clive.
McNichols Campus Library
E 184.36 .A34 W43 2001

Focuses on the relationship between Jews and African Americans during the stuggle for civil rights in the Southern United States.

Globalizing democracy and human rights

Gould, Carol C..
McNichols Campus Library
JC 423 .G663 2004

Carol Gould addresses the fundamental issue of democratizing globalization, or finding ways to open transnational institutions and communities to democratic participation by those widely affected by their decisions. Gould develops a framework for expanding participation in cross-border decisions, arguing for a broader understanding of human rights. In addition, she introduces a new role for the ideas of care and solidarity at a distance.

Health and social justice : politics, ideaology and inequity in the distribution of disease

McNichols Campus Library
RA 418 .H388 2003

Draws on the growing body of recent literature to offer a comprehensive collection of articles written by a panel of expert contributors who represent a broad range of fields sociology, epidemiology, public health, ecology, politics, organizing, and advocacy. Each article explores a particular aspect of health inequalities and demonstrates how the sources of health inequalities are rooted in injustices associated with racism, social class, and sex discrimination .

Human rights : a view from a Catholic university

Vincentian Center for Church and Society.
McNichols Campus Library
HM 216 .V56 v.4 1998

Charity and justice within the Gospel and the Church's social teaching / Howard J. Hubbard -- The rights of nations : reflections on the address of Pope John Paul II to the 50th session of the United Nations General Assembly / Joseph Cassar -- The Universal Declaration of Human Rights : universally applicable or culturally relative? / Uma Balakrishnan -- Economic theory, Catholic social thought and the existence of economic human rights / Charles M.A. Clark -- Pope Pius XI's crusade for human rights and his hidden "encyclical," Humani generis unitas, against racism and anti-semitism / Frank J. Coppa -- Catholic social teaching and the welfare workforce / David L. Gregory -- Identifying unenumerated constitutional human rights and unenumerated Biblical obligations : a comparative study / Samuel J. Levine -- The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the domestic courts / Edward D. Re -- A spirituality in quest of human rights : what's a Vincentian university to do? / Michael D. Whalen.

Human rights and the world's major religions

McNichols Campus Library
BL 65 .H78 H8595 2005

v. 1. The Jewish tradition -- v. 2. The Christian tradition -- v. 3. The Islamic tradition -- v. 4. The Hindu tradition -- v. 5. The Buddhist tradition. Each volume touches on such issues as the right to life, the rights of women, punishment for crimes, war and peace, slavery, violence, and other topics related to human rights.

Human rights in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan

Neary, Ian.
McNichols Campus Library
JC 599 .J3 N43 2002

This book looks in detail at the history of the introduction of human rights ideas into Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, and examines how and to what effect state and society have incorporated the specific international standards on children's and patients' rights into legal systems and social practice.

Human rights violations

Bahmueller, Charles F..
McNichols Campus Library
JC 571 .H783 2003 (Reference)

Articles on human rights violations from the genocide of Armenians in World War I to the events of September 11, 2001. Also provides background information and some importation human rights documents.

I have a dream : Martin Luther King, Jr., and the future of multiculural America

Echols, James.
McNichols Campus Library
E 185.97 .K5 I17 2004

In celebration of the fortieth anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech, this volume demonstrates the enduring significance of his words as the clearest societal vision ever portrayed of what America can and should be.

Invisible punishment : the collateral conequences of mass imprisonment

Mauer, Marc.
McNichols Campus Library
HV 9950 .I59 2002

Focuses on social and material consequences for the families and communities of the more than 47 million Americans who have federal or state criminal records.

Tne legalization of human rights : multidisciplinary perspectives on human rights and human rights law

McNichols Campus Library
K 3240 .L445 2006

Introduction : human rights legalized - defining, interpreting, and implementing an ideal / Başak Çali and Saladin Meckled-García -- Lost in translation : the human rights ideal and international human rights law / Saladin Meckled-García and Başak Çali -- The law cannot be enough : human rights and the limits of legalism / Anthony Woodiwiss -- Putting law in its place : an interdisciplinary evaluation of national amnesty laws / Michael Freeman -- The virtues of legalization / Jack Donnelly -- Is the legalization of human rights really the problem? : genocide in the Guatemalan Historical Clarification Commission / Richard Ashby Wilson -- Revisioning the role of law in women's human rights struggles / Ratna Kapur -- The bureaucratic gaze of international human rights law / David Chandler -- Verdictive discourses, shame and judicialization in pursuit of freedom of association rights / Edward Weisband -- From the theory of discovery to the theory of recognition of indigenous rights : conventional international law in search of homeopathy / Natalia Álvarez Molinero -- Politics of reading human rights : inclusion and exclusion within the production of human rights / Upendra Baxi.

Pathologies of power : health, human rights, and the new war on the poor

Farmer, Paul.
McNichols Campus Library
HM 821 .F37 2003

Describes how the "structural violence" of denied opportunities, economic deprivation, violent despots (and the powers supporting them), and international financial organizations harm the health of billions of people

Perspectives on health and human rights

McNichols Campus Library
RA 427.25 .P47 2005

A collection of articles reflecting a shared perspectve that health is largely influenced by the environments in which people live and that we need to bring more attention to reducing the gaps between those who enjoy higher standards of health and quality services and those who, for a mix of civil, political, economic, social or cultural reasons, are more vulnerable to ill-health and to inadequate access to health-related services.

Protecting human rights

McNichols Campus Library
K 3240 .P76 2003

What should and what should not to be counted as a human right? What does it mean to identify a right as a human right? And what are the most effective and legitimate means of promoting human rights? This book addresses these questions and the complex relationship between the answers to them.

Resisting racism and xenophobia : global perspectives on race, gender, an dhuman rights

Harrison, Faye Venetta.
McNichols Campus Library
JC 571 .R4752 2005

A collection of essays focusing on the intersections between race, gender, sexuality, class, and nationality that exert a huge influence on human rights conflicts around the world.

Respect and rights : class, race, and gender today

Miller, S. M. (Seymour Michael).
McNichols Campus Library
HN 90 .S6 M54 2002

Explores changing public attitudes, the causes and consequences of group disrepect and proposes an agenda for action to expand group respect.

Social justice : the moral foundations of public health and health policy

Powers, Madison.
McNichols Campus Library
RA 427.25 .P69 2006

Confronts foundational issues about health and justice. Develops a theory of social justice that, while developed for the specific contexts of public health and health policy, can be applied  in other relams of social policy.

Taking liberties : four decades in the struggle for rights

Neier, Aryeh.
McNichols Campus Library
JC 599 .U5 N45 2003

Memoir of the author's forty years of working for human rights.

The torture papers : the road to Abu Ghraib

McNichols Campus Library
DS 79.76 .T676 2005

Consists of memos and reports written by U.S. government officials concerning interrogation techniques in Afghanistan, Guantánamo, and Abu Ghraib.

Understanding global slavery : a reader

Bates, Kevin.
HT 867 .B38 2005

Understanding slavery today -- Slavery and the human right to evil -- No one shall be held in slavery or servitude : a critical analysis of international slavery agreements -- Slavery and the emergence of non-governmental organizations -- The challenge of measuring slavery -- Globalization and redemption -- Human trafficking : a worldwide concern -- Understanding the demand behind human trafficking -- Coda : three steps to stopping slavery (and four things you can do right away).

The United Nations and human rights : a guide for a new era

Mertus, Julie, 1963-.
McNichols Campus Library
JC 571 .M4447 2005

Provides a comprehensive guide to the United Nations human rights system.

Universal human rights in theory and practice

Donnelly, Jack.
McNichols Campus Library
JC 571 .D755 2003

In a thoroughly revised edition, Donnelly elaborates a theory of human rights, addresses arguments of cultural relativism, and explores the efficacy of bilateral and multilateral international action. Entirely new chapters address prominent post-Cold War issues including humanitarian intervention, democracy and human rights, "Asian values," group rights, and discrimination against sexual minorities.

A voice for human rights

Robinson, Mary.
McNichols Campus Library
JC 571 .R653 2006

An annotated collection of Robinson's speeches, given between 1997 and 2002, when she served as the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

We are all suspects now : untold stories from immigrant communities after 9/11

Nguyen, Tram.
McNichols Campus Library
JV 6456 .N48 2005

Reveals the human cost of the domestic war on teror and examines the impact of post-9/11 policies on people targeted because of immigration status, nationality, race, and religion.

White supremacy and racism in the post-civil rights era

Bonilla-SIlva, Eduardo.
McNichols Campus Library
E 184 .A1 B598 2001

Discusses the history of discrimination in the United States, that in many cases beliefs have not changed but have just been moved underground, and that institutional racism still plays a role in society.

Your right to privacy : a basic guide to legal rights in an information society

Hendricks, Evan.
McNichols Campus Library
KF 1262 .Z9 H37 1990

An American Civil Liberties Union handbook.

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