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Corporations - Moral and Ethical Aspects

Absolute Honesty: Building a Corporate Culture that Values Straight Talk and Rewards Integrity

Johnson, Larry and Bob Phillips. (American Management Association, c2003)
McNichols Campus Library
HD 58.7 .J612 2003

Business Ethics: People, Profits, and the Planet

Gibson, Kevin. (McGraw-Hill, c2006)
McNichols Campus Library
HF 5387 .B87266 2006

Conscience and Corporate Culture

Goodpaster, Kenneth E.. (Blackwell Pub., 2007)
McNichols Campus Library
HF 5387 .G658 2007

Corporate Citizenship: Successful Strategies for Responsible Companies

McIntosh, Malcolm. (Pitman Pub., 1998)
McNichols Campus Library
HD 60 .C635 1998

Corporate Integrity & Accountability

Brenkert,George G.. (Sage Publications, 2004)
McNichols Campus Library
HD 60 .C638 2004

The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power

Bakan, Joel. (Free Press, c2004)
McNichols Campus Library
HD 2731 .B23 2004

Corporations and the Public Interest: Guiding the Invisible Hand

Lydenberg, Steven D.. (Berrett-Koehler Publishers, c2005)
McNichols Campus Library
HD 60 .L96 2005

Doing Right in a Shrinking World: How Corporate America Can Balance Ethics & Profit in a Changing Economy

DeThomasis, Louis; and St. Anthony, Neal. (Greenleaf Book Group Press, c2006)
HF 5387 .D386 2006

Ethical Dilemmas in the Modern Corporation

Cavanagh, Gerald F. and Arthur F. McGovern. (Prentice Hall, c1988)
McNichols Campus Library
HF 5387 .C38 1988

Inventing Disease and Pushing Pills: Pharmaceutical Companies and the Medicalisation of Normal Life

Blech, Jorg. (Routledge, 2006)
McNichols Campus Library
RM 263 .B564 2006

Is the Good Corporation Dead?: Social Responsibility in a Global Economy

Houck, John W. and Oliver F. Williams.. (Rowman & Littlefield, c1996)
McNichols Campus Library
HD 60 .I77 1996

The Judeo-Christian Vision and the Modern Corporation

Williams, Oliver F. and John W. Houck. (University of Notre Dame Press, c1982)
McNichols Campus Library
HF5387 .J8 1982

Moral Corporation--Merck Experiences

Vagelos, P. Roy, and Louis Galambos. (Cambridge University Press, 2006)
McNichols Campus Library
HD 9666.9 .M4 V34 2006

The Organizational Self and Ethical Conduct: Sunlit Virtue and Shadowed Resistance

Anderson, James. (Harcourt College Publishers, c2001)
McNichols Campus Library
HD 30.3 .A457 2001

A Public Role for the Private Sector: Industry Self-regulation in a Global Economy

Haufler, Virginia. (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, c2001)
McNichols Campus Library
HD 60 .H392 2001

The Role of the Modern Corporation in a Free Society

Danley, John R.. (University of Notre Dame Press, c1994)
McNichols Campus Library
HD 60 .D26 1994

The Search for Meaning in Organizations: Seven Practical Questions for Ethical Managers

Pava, Moses L.. (Quorum, 1999)
McNichols Campus Library
HF 5387 .P385 1999

Toward a Theology of the Corporation

Novak, Michael. (American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, c1981)
McNichols Campus Library
HF5387 .N68

Julia L. Eisenstein

Associate Librarian
Reference Services
McNichols Campus Library

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