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Environmental Engineering Videos in the UDM Libraries

After the storm

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA); Weather Channel. (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency [Office of Water], 2004)
McNichols Campus Library
EP 1.104:ST 7/VIDEO

"Protecting the nation's water resources will take the awareness and effort of individual citizens. Three case studies focus on the interconnections between water supply,water quality related to storms, and the economic vitality and quality of life in our communities." (22 min.)

America by design

Kostof, Spiro; Schumann, Werner. (PBS Video 1987)
McNichols Campus Library
NA 705 .A482 1987

Five VHS cassettes, 50 minutes each.

  • Part 1: The house
  • Part 2: The workplace
  • Part 3: The street
  • Part 4: Public places and monuments
  • Part 5: The shape of the land.

APS environmental showcase home

(KAET Channel 8, 1994)
McNichols Campus Library
NA 2542.3 .A68 1994

"Follows the construction of a prototypical house in Phoenix, Arizona. Emphasis is on the energy-conserving design of the house and the recycled materials used in its construction." (48 min.)

Back from the brink : saving America's cities by design

Frost, Jackson; Fry, Kevin E.; Royer, Charles. (American Architectural Foundation, 1996)
McNichols Campus Library
NA 9031 .B32 1996

"Using the communities of Portland, Oregon, Suisun City, California, and Chattanooga, Tennessee, describes the need for continuous planning to both keep growing cities on track and to revitalize languishing ones. Emphasis is placed on the importance of a downtown area and a sense of community." (57 min.)

Beyond recycling : waste prevention in manufacturing and distribution

Bozanich, Pat. (Oregon State University, Extension and Experiment Station Communications, 2001)
McNichols Campus Library
TD 899 .M29 B49 2001

"This video demonstrates how a variety of Oregon businesses meet the challenge of reducing waste. From reusable packaging to the use of new media, viewers will learn tips to inspire line staff and supervisors to streamline operations." (16 min.)

Building connections

(American Institute of Architects, 1993)
McNichols Campus Library
NA 2542.35 .B842 1993

Four VHS cassettes. "A special series of videoconferences on environmentally responsible architecture."

  • Videoconference 1: Energy and resource efficiencies (78 min.)
  • Videoconference 1: Healthy buildings and materials (88 min.)
  • Videoconference 3: Land resources and the urban ecology (85 min.)
  • Videoconference 4: Case studies (77 min.)

  • Building to save the earth

    (American Institute of Architects, c993)
    McNichols Campus Library
    NA 2542.35 .B84 1993

    Three VHS cassettes. Recorded Sept. 11-12, 1992 at the College of Architecture and Planning, Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana during a two-day architectural symposium: Building to save the earth. "A two-day architectural symposium concerned with environmental issues and energy conservation."

    • Part 1: Land resources and urban ecology (88 min.)
    • Part 2: Healthy buildings and materials (78 min.)
    • Part 3: Energy and resource flows (96 min.)

    Can buildings make you sick?

    (WGBH, 1995)
    McNichols Campus Library
    TD 883.17 .C36

    Originally broadcast as an episode of the television program Nova. "Examines "sick building syndrome," a condition where people suffer from sicknesses caused by absorbing toxic fumes or other pollutants found in some modern airtight buildings." (60 min.)

    Case studies in sustainable design

    (American Institute of Architects, 1994)
    McNichols Campus Library
    NA 2542.35 .C39 1994

    "This program contains case studies taken from the 1993 AIA Building Connections teleconference and includes case studies on the Audubon Society Headquarters in New York City, the Way Station in Frederick, Maryland, Rocky Mountain Institute in Snowmass, Colorado, NMB Bank in the Netherlands, West Bend Mutual Insurance Headquarters in West Bend, Wisconsin, and the Greening of Harlem in New York City." (77 min.)

    Chemical cycles in the biosphere

    Stonebarger, Bill. (Hawkhill Associates, 1998)
    McNichols Campus Library
    TP 155.7 .C445 1998

    "Helps students develop a basic understanding of the cycling of chemicals in the earth's biosphere. New computer graphics and video footage from around the world show how chemicals cycle within the biosphere. Emphasized are the oxygen-carbon dioxide cycle, the nitrogen cycle, the water cycle, and how toxic chemicals affect the biosphere." (21 min.)

    Choices for tomorrow

    (International Commentary Services, 1993)
    McNichols Campus Library
    HC 59.7 .C66 no.6

    "Documentary discusses the need for a balance between economic growth and environmental protection. It also especially examines links between population growth and environmental degradation in developing countries." (30 min.)

    The city

    (Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 2000)
    McNichols Campus Library
    HT 111 .C57 2000

    Videocassette release of the television program Ecce homo. "This program examines the metamorphosis of the city from fort and trading post to cultural epicenter and beyond. Ancient cities are discussed and Athens and Rome are compared. Modern cities including New York and Paris are also presented, with a focus on Paris' attempt to re-create itself in the 19th century by razing slums to build monuments and boulevards. City planning and public services are examined as well, along with the middle-class exodus from, and recent return to, many American cities." (53 min.)

    Deadly deception : General Electric, nuclear weapons and our environment

    (INFACT, 1991)
    McNichols Campus Library
    TD 195 .N83 D2

    "Expose of the human and environmental effects of General Electric Company's nuclear weapons facilities. Plant workers have been poisoned by radiation and asbestos; neighboring homes have experienced cancers and birth defects. Shows the activists who are working to inform the public and stop the company's dangerous activities." (29 min.)

    Ecological design : inventing the future

    (Ecological Design Project; San Luis Video Publishing, 1994.)
    McNichols Campus Library
    NA 2542 .35 .E3 1994

    "Beginning in the 1920's with the work of R. Buckminster Fuller, moving through the 1960's and the Counter Culture and ending on the doorstep of the 21st century, the film follows the evolution of ecological design from the visions of a few independent thinkers to the powerful movement it is becoming." (64 min.)


    Stonebarger, Bill. (Hawkhill Associates, 1986)
    McNichols Campus Library
    GF 50 .T58

    "Traces the evolution of the study of ecology and ecological awareness in the lives and works of Henry David Thoreau, Charles Darwin, Howard Odum, and Aldo Leopold. Examines the concepts ecologists have developed for understanding the delicate and complex relationships that exist in nature and the uses to which this understanding can be put." (32 min.)


    Stonebarger, Bill. (Hawkhill Associates, 1998)
    McNichols Campus Library
    QH 540.8 .E37 1998

    "Traces the varying approaches to ecology from Thoreau's naturalist tradition to the scientific views of Darwin and Odum. Looks at conflicts between developers and conservationists, and the controversies surrounding ecology and ethics today. Shows the relationship of living things to their environment in various ecosystems and how energy is exchanged through the chain of producers, consumers, and decomposers. "(34 min.)

    • Part 1: From nature study to ecology (18 min.)
    • Part 2: The web of life (16 min.)

    Energy for the future : the grand vision

    Altekruse, Jörg. (Landmark Media, 2000)
    McNichols Campus Library
    TJ 163.2 .E54 2000 DVD

    "The choice of an energy source - whether solar, wind, biomass, nuclear or hydroelectric energy - is of prime importance. Crucial to the future of both energy systems and the world climate will be how quickly ways to capture and store the energy of the sun can be developed and refined. This is the ultimate source of all forms of commercially viable energy on earth and an inexhaustible one." (25 min.)

    The Environment : business and social responsibilty

    (Dallas County Community College District, : R M I Media Productions, 1985)
    McNichols Campus Library
    HD 60 .E58

    "Explains the evolution of social responsibilty theoretical as well as practical standpoints."(30 min.)

    Flights to change

    (International Commentary Services, 1993)
    McNichols Campus Library
    HC 59.7 .C66 no.5

    "Documentary discusses how a new resort area in eastern Dominican Republic has spurned economic growth and development in the area without hurting the ecology." (30 min.)

    From sea to shining sea

    Greenpeace USA. (Bullfrog Films, Inc., c1986)
    McNichols Campus Library
    TD 897 .F76

    "Citizens of Ocean County, New Jersey, aided by Greenpeace, protest a pipeline discharging industrial waste into the Atlantic Ocean by trying to plug the pipe." (20 min.)

    Great lakes, bitter legacy

    National Audubon Society, Turner Broadcasting, WETA Washington, D.C.. (PBS Video, 1991)
    McNichols Campus Library
    TD 223.3 .G72 1991

    "This program looks at the environmental challenges facing the Great Lakes region. Pollution reaches the lakes through a munber of avenues; through the process of biomagnification; the concentration of chemicals increased through the food chain. Cleanup will be very slow and costly." (60 min.)

    Great Lakes ecosystem

    Stonebarger, Bill. (Hawkhill Associates, 1998)
    McNichols Campus Library
    QH 541.5 .L3 G74 1998

    "Describes the ecology of the Great Lakes and discusses some of the ecological problems: introduction of exotic species such as the zebra muscle, algae blooms and premature aging of the lakes caused by industrial and urban pollution, and contamination of the lakes by PCBs." (23 mins.)

    Headwaters : the lifeline of a river

    (SEMCOG, 1995)
    McNichols Campus Library
    TD 224 .M5 H43 1995

    "Healthy rivers depend on: water temperature, stream flows and sediments. If any these attributes is negatively affected, the river and stream begin to deteriorate. This video explores the issue of headwaters protection. It introduces the viewer to the importance of headwater streams, that development without specific design controls threatens this vital resource and what we can do to protect Southeast Michigan's headwaters." (28 min.)

    Home sweet home

    (Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 1992)
    McNichols Campus Library
    TH 4812 .H66 1992

    "This program examines the changes in the buildings in which we live and work, in response to a changing environment, changing living and working conditions, and a changing social fabric. The program looks at advances in energy efficiency, waste recovery, and water conservation; examines "universal design" intended to increase accessibility; and looks at the household robot of the futureónot as far in the future as one might imagine." (57 min.)

    Incident at Morales : an engineering ethics story

    Martin, Paul. (National Institute for Engineering Ethics, 2003)
    McNichols Campus Library
    TA 157 .I42 2003

    "Involves a variety of ethical issues faced by a company that wants to quickly build a plant in order to develop a new chemical product to gain a competitive edge over the competition." (38 min.)

    The last drop?

    Swanenburg, Rob. (Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 1998)
    McNichols Campus Library
    TD 388.5 .L38 1998

    "This documentary illustrates how the worsening problem of global water shortage leads to regional political and social conflicts, distruction or economies, and famine. Effects of water shortages in the Middle East, South Africa, and countries along the Rhine are examined and solutions suggested by experts." (50 min.)

    Long-term forest ecosystem planning by the Pacific Lumber Company

    (Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences, 1998)
    McNichols Campus Library
    SD 431 .L66 1998

    "A case study of analysis performed for the Pacific Lumber Company demonstrating the use of operations research in managing forest ecosystems. VESTRA produced a 120-year, 12-period forest ecosystem management plan using an ecosystem planning express model coupling gographic information systems with a database resource capability model and policy alternative model, providing the inputs to a linear program." (48 min.)

    Meltdown at Three Mile Island

    (PBS Home Video, 1999)
    McNichols Campus Library
    TK 1345 .H37 M44 1999

    "Discusses the events of March 28, 1979, when a reactor at the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, overheated. Employs news footage and first-person interviews in relating the efforts made to avoid a catastrophic meltdown." (57 min.)

    Networking Michigan with trailways, 1997

    (Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Forest Management Division,)
    McNichols Campus Library
    TE 304 .N48 1997

    "Addresses 'grass-roots' response to, and cooperation with, the development of a state-wide network of trails following the Michigan Trailways Act of 1993. Features the associated economic benefit to local economies." (12 min.)

    The next industrial revolution : William McDonough, Michael Braungart & the birth of the sustainable economy

    Morhaim, Shelley; Bedford, Chris. (Earthome Productions, 2001)
    McNichols Campus Library
    GF 75 .N39 2001

    "Tells the story of the movement led by architect Bill McDonough and chemist Michael Braungart to bring together ecology and human design. Explores how businesses are transforming themselves to work with nature and profitability."(55 min.)

    Nuclear power

    Stonebarger, Bill. (Hawkhill Associates, 1985)
    McNichols Campus Library
    GF 50 .T58

    "Traces the history and development of nuclear physics and power, and the various potential uses of and dangers of nuclear power. Encourages a calm, rational, and responsible approach to the development and use of this power." (33 min.)

    Organic clean-up : microbes and pollution

    Harris, Neil. (Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 2002)
    McNichols Campus Library
    TD 192.5 .O73 2002 DVD

    Originally broadcast on the television series: Perspective. "Looks at how pollution from everyday industrial production and from ecological disasters like the Exxon Valdez oil spill can be cleaned up with bacterial treatment. demonstrating how microbes can and are being used successfully in the fight against pollution." (25 min.)

    Our urban environment : water quality

    Sutherlin, John W.. (Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 2004)
    McNichols Campus Library
    TD 223 .O88 2004

    Library owns 3 DVDs:

    • no. 2: Industry and our water quality (29 min.) ; title on disc label: Industrial point source water pollution
    • no. 4: Non-point source pollution and water quality, part II (27 min.). Title on disc label: Non-point source water pollution : a focus on stormwater
    • no. 6: Waste water treatment and its impact on water quality (31 min.). Title on disc label: Wastewater treatment and discharge.

    Practical guide to forest water quality

    (Michigan Dept. of Natural Resources, Forest Management Division ; Michigan Dept. of Environmental Quality, Surface Water Quality Division, 1997)
    McNichols Campus Library
    SD 144 .M5 P73 1997

    "An introduction to the protection and preservation of surface water habitats when clearing woodlands." (22 min.)

    Preserving our global environment

    (World Resources Institute, 1994)
    McNichols Campus Library
    GE 140 .P73 1994

    "This is a record of a conference entitled "Preserving the global environment" held in April 1990. It focuses on three urgent global environmental issues: population growth, biodiversity loss, and global atmospheric change. This program shows how they interrelate and suggests action to address the problems." (54 min.)

    Race against tomorrow

    (Films for the Humanities & Sciences. 1993)
    McNichols Campus Library
    TD 388 .R32 1993

    "Young Matt Hammond thinks environmental concerns are a lot of nonsense. He can't be bothered with saving water or energy -- until he gets a glimpse of the future and sees what life might become, with deserted towns, undrinkable water, and unbreathable air." (47 min.)

    Pushing people

    (International Commentary Services, 1993)
    McNichols Campus Library
    HC 59.7 .C66 no.3

    "This documentary discusses the relationship between urbanization and the environment in developing countries." (30 min.)


    Stonebarger, Bill. (Hawkhill Associates, 1987)
    McNichols Campus Library
    GF 50 .T58

    "Traces the history of our knowledge of radiation. Describes what radiation is, its sources, its uses, and the dangers of radiation exposure." (33 min.)

    Recycling city space

    Laewen, Michael. (Homes by Design Television, Inc., 1999)
    McNichols Campus Library
    NA 9031 .R33 1999

    Originally broadcast as an episode #57 of the television program, Homes by design. " Examines how sites in the inner city are being reclaimed and recycled for housing. Features a loft in London, reclaimed space in Montreal, and a Vancouver industrial site that has been re-designed for living space." (22 min.)

    Renewable energy

    Ethical Markets Media. (Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 2007)
    TJ 808 .R423 2007

    One DVD (28 minutes)

    Summary: "This program examines the urgent need--not only in the U.S. but across the world--for sustainable energy; it also illustrates how new power productionmethods are becoming a reality. Alternative energy trendsetters are featured, including Time magazine "Hero for the Planet" Geoffrey Ballard, who explains his hydrogen fuel cell innovations. Evergreen Solar vice president Mark Farber describes his company's advanced solar cell production methods and its mission to provide access to energy in the developing world--a goal shared by the Solar Electric Light Fund, says executive director Bob Freling. In addition, Rocky Mountain Institute founder Amory Lovins promotes the benefits of small solar power plants, and economist Hazel Henderson explores the potential of wind energy."

    Safely managing low-level radioactive waste in Michigan

    Michigan Low-Level Radioactive Waste Authority. (Future Media Corporation, c1989)
    McNichols Campus Library
    TD 812 .S23

    "Discusses the problems in safely managing and disposing of low-level radioactive waste materials in Michigan." (22 mins.)

    Simple steps to a LeadSmart home

    (Interactive Consultant, 1997)
    McNichols Campus Library
    TD 196 .L4 S56 1997

    "Answers questions about lead-based paint hazards and the Lead Based Paint Hazard Reduction Act, showing what is lead-based paint hazard is, why it is a risk, and what the disclosure law require. Explains when lead should be tested for, what kind of testing is best, steps to take if a lead hazard found, and responsibility for paying for removing lead." (23 min.)

    Solid waste management

    Sutherlin, John W.. (Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 2003)
    McNichols Campus Library
    TD 794.2 .S65 2003

    "produced by University of New Orleans, Urban Waste Management and Research Center ; written and directed by John W. Sutherlin." 4 DVDs:

    • Episode 1. Waste generation and waste characterization (45 min.)
    • Episode 2. Business and residential recycling and waste minimization (50 min.)
    • Episode 3. Managing greenwaste and special waste (49 min.)
    • Episode 4. Regionalization ; Solid waste management success stories (52 min.).

    Spaceship earth : A global geography PBS

    (PBS 1991)
    McNichols Campus Library
    GB 54.5 .S73

    10 VHS cassettes, 27 minutes each. "Explores global geography using satellite remote sensing and computerized mapping. Focuses on issues of ecology, economics and pollution. Uses live film footage and animation."

    • Part 1: The new global geography
    • Part 2: Living quarters
    • Part 3: Restless rocks
    • Part 4: A global market
    • Part 5: The air conditioning
    • Part 6: The swirling seas
    • Part 7: Running water
    • Part 8: The disappearing forests
    • Part 9: Feast or famine
    • Part 10: The watchkeepers.

    The sprawling of America

    (Great Lakes Television Consortium, 2001)
    McNichols Campus Library
    HT 371 .S67 2001

    [part I]. Inner city blues (57 min.) -- [part II]. Fat of the land (57 min.) "A two-part documentary that examines the devastating social, economic, and environmental aspects of sprawl on rural and urban communities. Part I, Inner city blues, profiles sprawl in Detroit and examines the concurrent issues of race and racial conflict, white flight. It discusses how the Interstate Highway System, Veteran's Administration loans, and Federal Housing Administration loans contributed to sprawl. Part II, Fat of the land, examines the economics behind sprawl, the quality of life in suburbs, and how suburban development impacts family farms." (114 min.)

    Staying power

    (International Commentary Services, 1993)
    McNichols Campus Library
    HC 59.7 .C66 no.7

    "Documentary focuses on the importance of sustainable development. It also shows how India is making new efforts to find ways to reconcile conservation with the interests of the local people." (30 min.)

    Sustainable construction

    (Television Education Network, 2002)
    McNichols Campus Library
    NA 2542.36 .S874 2002

    "Defines sustainable construction and differentiates it from sustainable development. Indentifies rationales for this approach to construction and shows examples of techniques." (18 min.)

    Sustainable urban living : a South American case study

    Beeh, Peter. (Classroom Video, 2003)
    McNichols Campus Library
    NA 9166 .C87 S87 2003

    "Curitiba, Brazil is remarkable for urban planning innovations. This documentary, presented in 5 segments, looks at the management of city waste, the planning of urban parks, an integrated transportation system, a practical support scheme for low income workers and the establishment of a vibrant city mall." (25 mins.)

    Thinking green, building smart

    Claudin, Craig; Mohl, Steve; Post, Robert. (Shopware, 2010)
    McNichols Campus Library
    NA 2542.36 .T45 2010 DVD

    1 DVD (43 minutes)

    This video follow an architectural firm creating green designs, a supplier of eco-friendly building materials, anda construction firm and homeowner who remodel using green technologies and materials.

    Toxic wastes

    Stonebarger, Bill. (Hawkhill Video, 1998)
    McNichols Campus Library
    TD 175 .T69 1998

    "Gives a historical and ecological perspective on the vexing toxic waste dilemma. Includes contemporary and archival photographs, art prints, and graphic examples."

    • Part 1: A history of toxic wastes (18 min.)
    • Part 2: Toxic wastes, today and tomorrow (21 min.)

    The trouble with toxics

    Michigan Sea Grant College Program. (Such Video, Inc., 1987)
    McNichols Campus Library
    TD 181 .G7 T76

    "Examines sources of pollution in the Great Lakes, effects of the pollution, and possible solutions to the problem." (30 min.)

    Understanding cities

    (Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 2001)
    McNichols Campus Library
    HT 151 .U522 2001

    "Looks at cities past and present with a focus on issues of transportation, electricity, light, water, sewage, and trash. Examines differences between cities that have evolved over time and planned cities. Cities profiled include New York City, Portland, Ore., London, Teotihuacan, and Brasilia." (53 min.)

    Understanding urban sprawl

    Heer, James. (Films for the Humanities & Sciences, c1999)
    McNichols Campus Library
    HT 371 .U52 1999

    Originally broadcast as an episode on the television series "The nature of things" in 1998. "In this program, scientist and environmentalist Dr. David Suzuki examines the social, economic, and environmental implications of 'sprawl,' the low-density development that spreads out from the edges of cities and towns" (47 min.)


    (Bullfrog Films, 1985)
    McNichols Campus Library
    TD 524 .N7 W37

    "Focusing on Buffalo, N.Y., looks at various sources of waste material, from fast-food wrappers to sewage sludge, and the problems of waste disposal. Illustrates what is currently being done with waste products, as experts discuss the processes involved." (29 min.)

    The urban explosion

    Weiner, Hal. (PBS Home Video, 1999)
    McNichols Campus Library
    NA 9053 .H76 U73 1999

    Originally broadcast as a segment of: Journey to planet earth. "Four mega-cities (Mexico City, Istanbul, Shangai, New York City) are investigated to see how they are meeting a major challenge of the 21st century: how to shelter and sustain the world's exploding urban population without destroying the delicate balance of our environment."(56 min.)

    Water infrastructure : successful strategies for local leadership

    (U. S. Environmental Protection Agency, Local Government Advisory Committee, 2007)

    One DVD (13 minutes) and one booklet (24 pages)

    Water : more precious than oil

    Wilkinson, Stephan. (PBS Video, 1981)
    McNichols Campus Library
    TD 348 .W37

    "Examines the world's growing water crisis, discussing issues of water management, water as a carrier of disease and the need for worldwide conservation." (60 min.)

    Ways with coal

    (Films for the Humanities and Sciences, 1987)
    McNichols Campus Library
    TP 325 .W39

    "Discusses the research to make the processes of coal combustion more efficient and cleaner. Considers the industrial and commercial uses of coal and its components, particularly coke." (20 min.)

    The Wrath of grapes

    (United Farm Workers of America, 1986)
    McNichols Campus Library
    TX 571 .P4 .W9

    "Presents interviews with workers and farm owners on the use of pesticides on commercial grape orchards. Workers discuss the health problems involved in working in various pesticide environments. Shows how poisonous chemicals and pesticides sprayed on food crops are endangering the health of consumers." (16 min.)

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