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Faculty Publications-- Alan Hoback

Case studies in structural repair of pretensioned concrete products

Hoback, Alan S.. PCI Journal. (44(2), March/April 1999, 74-79)
McNichols Campus Library
TA 680 .P8

Investigation of hovercraft operations in Detroit weather conditions

Hoback, Alan; Anderson, Scott.

Report on a Michigan Ohio University Transportation Center project.


Least weight design of steel pile foundations

Hoback, Alan S.; Truman, Kevin Z.. Engineering Structures. (15(5), September 1993, 379-385)

Link Between Transit Spending and Personal Income

Hoback, Alan; Anderson, Scott. Proceedings of 51st Transportation Research Forum. (Arlington, VA, March 11-13, 2010)

New method for finding the global and discrete optima of structural systems

Hoback, Alan S.; Truman, Kevin Z.. Computers and Structures. (52 (1), Jul 3, 1994, 127-134)

Optimization of singular problems

Hoback, Alan S.. Structural Optimization. (12 ( 2-3), Oct. 1996, 93-97)

Optimization of steel pile foundations using optimality criteria

Hoback, Alan S.; Truman, Kevin Z.. (U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station, 1992)

Report prepared for Department of the Army, US Army Corps of Engineers.

Optimization of steel pile foundations with rigid or flexible concrete slabs

Hoback, Alan S.. (Washington University, 1993)

Prediction of Bearing Capacity of Large Drilled Piles in Nonhomogeneous Soil by Using 3D Finite Element Method

Hoback, Alan S.; Rujipakorn, Manoch. Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering. (9(Bundle E), 2004)

Proposed Method for Estimating Local Population of Precariously Housed

Hoback, Alan; Anderson, Scott.

Report published by the National Coalition for the Homeless

Sensitivity Analysis of Light Rail Transit Unit Capital Costs

Hoback, Alan. Proceedings of the Transportation Research Board, National Academy of Sciences. (Paper 08-0024, 2008)

True Walking Distance to Transit

Hoback, Alan; Anderson, Scott; Dutta, Utpal. Journal of Transportation Planning and Technology. (31(6), 2008, 681-692)

Value Densification Community Mapping Project

Budurow, Constance C.; Hoback Alan; Martin, Jordan; Creech, Calvin.

American Institute of Architects Research Report

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