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Environmental Engineering


Current Print Environmental Engineering Journals at the UDM Libraries


(JG Press)
McNichols Campus Library
S661 .C6

This refereed magazine includes information on research, methods, equipment, statistics and marketing for composting, water and soil management, bioremediation, and recycling.

Journal of Environmental Engineering

(American Society of Civil Engineers)
McNichols Campus Library
TD1 .A32

This refereed journal covers research, practice, and societal factors in engineering environmental sanitation, treating and managing hazardous waste, and providing safe water supplies.

Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering.

(American Society of Civil Engineers)
McNichols Campus Library
TA 710 .A495

This monthly, peer-reviewed journal published by the ASCE includes theoretical research, practical research, and case studies in foundations, soil dynamics, earthquake engineering, groundwater monitoring, and related subjects.

Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management.

(American Society of Civil Engineers)
McNichols Campus Library
TC401 .A51

This refereed journal covers social and environmental aspects of water resource planning and management. Economic and administrative issues are also addressed.

Land Economics

(University of Wisconsin)
McNichols Campus Library
HB1 .J65

This international, scholarly journal includes research articles and discussions on the economics of land use, natural resources, housing, transportation and public utilities.


(Society for General Microbiology)
McNichols Campus Library
QR 1 .J64

This scholarly journal includes research articles and reviews on fundamental microbiology, including topics such as molecular biology, cell biology, pathogens, and plant-microbe interactions.

Microbiology and molecular biology reviews : MMBR

(American Society for Microbiology)
McNichols Campus Library
QR 1 .B25

This refereed journal includes review of the latest research in microbiology, immunology, cell biology and virology.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

(National Academy of Sciences (U. S.))
McNichols Campus Library
Q 11 .N26

This journal publishes research reports, reviews, discussions and news of the National Academy of Sciences, focusing on the biological sciences. Most papers are by members of the academy, or by scientists sponsored by members, and do not undergo a blind review.

Water Environment Research.

(Water Environment Federation)
McNichols Campus Library
TD 511 .S4

This peer-reviewed journal includes research and practical applications in the control and effects of water pollution and other water quality issues. Topics include source water protection, remediation systems and water conservation.

Jill Werdell Spreitzer

Associate Library Professor
Reference Services
McNichols Campus Library

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