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Paul Krugman


The return of depression economics and the crisis of 2008

Krugman, Paul R.. (W.W. Norton & Company, 2009)
HB 3716 .K77 2009

Contents: Introduction -- 1. "The central problem has been solved" -- 2. Warning ignored : Latin America's crises -- 3. Japan's trap -- 4. Asia's crash -- 5. Policy perversity -- 6. Masters of the universe -- 7. Greenspan's bubbles -- 8. Banking in the shadows -- 9. The sum of all fears -- 10. The return of depression economics.

The Return of Depression Economics

Krugman, Paul. (W.W. Norton, 1999)
McNichols Campus Library
HB 3716 .K76 1999

Contents: July 1, 1997 -- A short course in miracles: Asia before the crisis -- Warning ignored: Latin America, 1995 -- The future that didn't work: Japan in the 1990's -- All fall down: Asia's crash -- The confidence game -- Masters of the universe: Hedge funds and other villains -- Bottoming out -- The return of depression economics

Development, Geography, and Economic Theory

Krugman, Paul R.. (MIT Press, 1995)
McNichols Campus Library
HD 75 .K79 1995

Contents: The fall and rise of development economics -- Geogrpahy lost and found -- Models and metaphors

Foreign Direct Investment in the United States

Graham, Edward M.; Krugman, Paul R.. (Institute for International Economics, 1995)
McNichols Campus Library
HG 4910 .G74 1995

Contents: Extent and trends -- Sources of growth -- Economic impact -- Political effects -- National security implications -- Current US policy -- Policy alternatives

Peddling Prosperity: Economic Sense and Nonsense in the Age of Diminished Expectations

Krugman, Paul. (W.W. Norton, 1995)
McNichols Campus Library
HB 99.7 .K77 1995

Contents: Pt. 1: The Rise of Conservative Economics -- The attack on Keynes -- Taxes, regulation and growth -- The supply-siders -- Pt. 2: Conservatives in Power -- Growth -- Income distribution -- The budget deficit -- Conservatives abroad -- Pt. 3: The Pendulum Swings -- In the long run Keynes is still alive -- The economics of QWERTY -- The strategic traders

The Age of Diminished Expectations: U.S. Economic Policy in the 1990s

Krugman, Paul. (MIT Press, 1994)
McNichols Campus Library
HC 106.8 .K78 1994

Contents: Pt. 1: The Roots of Economic Welfare -- Productivity growth -- Income distribution -- Employment and unemployment -- Pt. 2: Chronic Aches and Pains -- The trade deficit -- Inflation -- Pt. 3: Policy Problems -- Health care -- The budget deficit -- The embattled fed -- The dollar -- Free trade and protectionism -- Japan -- Pt. 4: Financial Follies -- The savings and loan scandal -- Corporate finance -- Global finance -- Pt. 5: American Prospects -- Happy ending -- Hard landing

Journal Articles

Will there be a dollar crisis?

Krugman, Paul. Economic Policy. (22(51), Jul 2007, 435-467)
McNichols Campus Library

Asset returns and economic growth

Baker, Dean; Delong, J. Bradford; Krugman, Paul R.. Brookings Papers on Economic Activity. (Issue 1, 2005, 289-330)
McNichols Campus Library

The new economic geography: past, present, and the future

Fujita, Masahisa; Krugman, Paul. Papers in Regional Science. (83(1), 2004, 139-164)
McNichols Campus Library

Conceptual Perspectives: Mapping the Territory: Where in the World is the 'New Economic Geography'?

Krugman, Paul. Oxford Handbook of Economic Geography.
McNichols Campus Library

The role of geography in development

Krugman, Paul. International Regional Science Review. (22(2), Aug 1999, 142-161)
McNichols Campus Library

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