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Scare Stories


1) Teenage Couple driving in the country, run out of gas.

2) Hear drip, drip, drip - its blood.


1) Next door neighbors in love.

2) Girl wore a yellow ribbon around her neck that she wouldn't take off.

3) She untied it, her head fell off.


1) Two children home alon eon Halloween see a ghost.

2) Turns out to be their uncle in costume

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No information listed on card. Omitted: Collector data, informant date.

Unknown meaning of numbers preceeding each story.

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18400 Praire

Corner of Pickford and Praire

Where learned: UNKNOWN

Keyword(s): Car ; Costume ; Drip ; Fable ; HALLOWEEN ; Ribbon ; Scary ; Stories ; SYMBOLISM ; Urban Legends ; Yellow Ribbon

Subject headings: Ballad Song Dance Game Music Verse -- Prose Narrative

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Yellow Ribbon

This is a story about John and Jane. They lived next door to each other, went to school together, and loved each other very much. John was a normal happy boy and Jane was a happy girl who always wore a yellow ribbon . Jane kept answering "perhaps some day I'll tell you."

Time went by, and John and Jane were engaged. Jane told John she would tell him about the ribbon on their wedding day. On their wedding day, they forgot about the yellow ribbon. Next day, however, John asked why she wore it again. She replied that they were happily married so what difference does it make?

Time went by and it was their golden anniversary and John asked about the ribbon again. Jane asked him to wait a little longer since he has waited so long already. Finally, Jane became very ill and was dying. John asked again to please tell him why she wore the yellow ribbon.

"All right," said Jane. "You can untie it." So John untied the yellow ribbon and Jane's head fell off.

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James Callow comment:

Original Boggs Numbers [B600 B642] are crossed outand B667.1 is substituted.

Where learned: MICHIGAN ; DETROIT ; Myself

Keyword(s): Anniversary ; BEHEADING ; BODY ; CURIOSITY ; Curious ; DEATH ; DECAPITATION ; DYING ; HEAD ; LOVE ; MARRIAGE ; Neighbors ; SECRET ; Yellow Ribbon

Subject headings: 6677 Formula Tale

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